While Resolutions determine one's well being, a miserable failure of people in keeping their most promising resolution in New year, Doctors Day, Dentist day and in Lovers Day- Valentine day are a common punch line in all party jokes. Especially parties are there to break resolutions, as it seems the most funniest crunch of agony so far as health is concern. Now we live in a biosphere of  work- alcoholism where time and fun fare run parallel making alertness of health as a taboo. Hence at this juncture ignoring one's own health specially oral and dental health can pave the way for cardiac arrests, diabetic, arthritis, migraine. Gastric disorder and dyspepsia is common around the nation most often due very poor oral and dental health by which saliva secretion is  reduced to a minuscule volume and ability to assimilate food even light snacks is a real challenge. So, the next time You go partying resolve not to let your family or yourself indulge in too much of sugar or too much of spice, it can be mouth watering but at expense of your indicators of health to a hazard in upcoming.

Few tips of tongue can make you healthy, frolicker and cheers, leads are.

  1. Candy canes for kids in birthday parties become a craze, whose sugar contents take prolonged time to dissolve hence acid- adulation of teeth happen due noxious gastric fumes.canes have high cholesterol leading to obesity when consumed in excess. So do treat your kids to candy cranes  but in controlled amount and ensure they chew it properly.
  2. Over eating smoked chickens or Indian Tikka  or garnisheed meat loaf is a delight in big feasts.that can be fatal on your health not only due high trans fat content but due inter-proximal food adhesion in gums leads to foul breath and heavy toxic acid generation, which heaves on oral disease as well as drastic reduction in pepsin and bile churning, a challenge for routine food digestion. be a party animal but keep dinner comfort.
  3. Caramels and cookies , flavored  syrups when consumed stick to interstices of teeth, dissolving sugary treat again becomes  another Herculean task, not for kids but  adults too. It takes about Eight to 10 hours  for saliva to make them digest, So  keep in mind next time you lay your hand on your cookie jar.
  4. Festive fervor is incomplete  without alcoholic beverages or artificial flavored Ciders. Hot ciders, tango liquid cans, fruity beers whipped with gelatinous sauces and high Erin and artificial sugar contents with lots of chemical residue. So, have them for fun but don't guzzle them as if its your last day on earth. They weaken gums, make teeth hypersensitivity, cause bad breath.
  5. Nuggets and chicken sizzler are indisputable favorites among party hoppers. But tons of preservative and adhesives, high salt retention take a toll on bowel, gum as well bile and restrict salivary  Mucin  hence causes a series of dental and gastric disorder.

Here is a list of Do's which every one should follow on a routine basis for healthy oral cavity that ensures healthy wealthy heart, bowel and liver:

  • Limit consumption of sugar, thick pastry snacks as their constant exposure to teeth will be harmful for your 32 gems of smile.
  • Say no to smoking as it  is hazardous to gum, throat and lungs. Make yourself safe from cancer  by quitting tobacco and ''gutka'' and make earth greener for people.
  • Going heavy on  spice n flakes  in late night  takes a toll on  your liver hence sleep too. 
  • Brush twice a day and floss once a week , preferably on weekends.
  • Do protect and make your smile a dazzling rejoice by visiting the dentist at best once in a year.