The power of visualisation is often underestimated in the process of healing. The mind and the body are strongly interconnected. If you visualise correctly then your mind can create real effects in the body. If we are able to visualise what we want it becomes possible for us to achieve it. Luke Coutinho, Integrative Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine and specialist of the CARER Program shares his experience regarding the power of visualisation in this informative video. While recovering from cancer it is very important to remember that visualising positive outcomes will play a major role in your recovery.

Combating side effects of chemotherapy

Many recovering cancer patients overestimate the side effects of chemotherapy based on the hearsay of others. It has been observed that cancer patients in rural areas who underwent chemotherapy did not suffer from many of the common side effects as they were unaware of the expected side effects. Luke warns recovering patients not to be swayed by things they read on the Internet or from the experiences of others. People read about the side effects of chemotherapy and then start overthinking about all the negative things that it can do to the body- and because of the power of visualisation, many of these things turn out to be true. 

Visualization techniques for positive outcomes

In this video Luke shares with us some positive ways to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. He advises patients undergoing chemotherapy to imagine that the chemotherapy is cleansing their body of cancerous cells.  Having this mind-set and positive attitude will drastically reduce the side effects the patient will suffer from. The techniques outlined by Luke work just as effectively when you are trying to get other outcomes as well. It can be desire to lose weight or to be financially strong. Luke also mentions that whatever medication that we may take it’s very important to take it in the right mind set.  Whether it is medication for high blood pressure or some other malady but the mindset that we take it also matters a lot.