Have you seen the movie “The Secret?” Then you will recall what Bob Proctor said “If you see it (your dreams) in your eyes, you will hold it in your hands.” So let’s use the power of Visualisation to help you reach your ideal weight.

Here are five secrets for powerful Visualization:

  1. Practice : Repetition is the key to success in acquiring any new skill. You have to practice your visualization skills. The good news is the more real your visualization, the more effectively will you achieve what you desire. See yourself as slim and healthy.
  2. Increase Colour and Brightness of the Desired Scene: You can increase the colour and brightness when you visualize the scene, which you have positive emotion about. See yourself wearing your favourite dress in your favourite colour. View this scene in magnificent colours!
  3. Desensitize the Undesired Scene: If a bad scene pops up, change the scene to black and white. This will help to decrease the negative emotions you feel towards the scene. Stop saying to yourself that you can never be thin. Put those negative images in black and white.
  4. See Yourself as a Third Person:Imagine you are watching a movie in your mind. You are the lead actor or actress in this movie. You are viewing your life as a third person. The key here is when you visualize behind your eyes; your mind treats it as a memory. Memory gets programmed into your subconscious mind and you begin to form a belief that this memory is true. Look at yourself as others will see you Smart and Sexy!
  5. Put Emotions into Your Dream:Always feel what you are visualizing. The emotions you attach to your visualization must be positive vibrations. Remember, thoughts alone cannot manifest your dream into reality. The formulator your prosperity = Thoughts, plus Positive Emotions. Feel the happiness you will get when people compliment you about your shape! Now that you are aware of the secrets of visualization, apply them to your weight loss target. Soon you will turn it into a reality.