Long working hours, late night dinner and hitting the bed across early morning hours - ever since this lifestyle took a toll on us, we’ve had little time to pay attention to our health. Implicatively, it has taken a toll on our lives and we seldom take initiatives to eradicate these regimens away from our daily lifestyle. But do we have a way out? We do. All natural, practical and sustainable - and it changes right with our food habits, especially before you hit the bed. We’ll let you know how!

Your Body’s Metabolic Activity Right Before You Hit The Bed: An Insight

Right before you hit the bed, your body intends to slow down its metabolism and snooze into a relaxing state - just like you do after a tiring day at work. So when you load your body with so much food to process with complex spices and oil that take time to assimilate in your digestive tract, your body gets little rest and the metabolism gets affected during the same. Consequently, you bear the toll of constipation and other digestive disorders. Thankfully, all of the concerns can be taken care of with a habitual reform related to your food intake.

Why You Should Have Your Dinner Early: Ayurveda’s View Point

An early dinner doesn’t only take care of a buffer period between your digestive acts and your sleep, it also avoids getting your body into a lag stage by effectively monitoring your metabolic capabilities. An early dinner may also prevent you from excessively munching on anything junky in the evening while making it up to your body for its energy requirements. Ayurveda also recommends a really light dinner which is easy to be processed by your body, and can be easily assimilated without burdening it over with heavy food items. A light dinner should be something that can be easily digested while being nutritionally adequate for your health.