Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney disease that involves damage to the kidney's glomerulus capillaries. Symptoms and signs


2.Itchy skin


 4.Frequent voiding


1.  Poor control of the blood sugar level.

 2. High blood pressure 

Diet and diabetic nephropathy-Diet is quite important in controlling kidney diseases and diabetes. It is important to know how much carbohydrates, fat, and protein are required by the individual. It is also important to know how much potassium, sodium, and phosphorus you can have in a day. The diet must be low in minerals. It is important to limit or avoid certain foods in the meal. It is important to talk about the serving size of the patient. Along with the kidney, it is important to take care of the blood sugar level of the patient. For this disease, patients or his/her family members must avoid a very high amount of animal protein. Nothing wrong with the protein here but at a level which a patient can tolerate.

Milk and milk products -These foods contain high protein so these should be recommended but at a certain quantity. These are important to recommend in our diet at the right proportionate. Non-dairy creamers, yogurt, also sugar-free yogurt, sugar-free pudding, sugar-free ice cream, non-dairy frozen desserts can be given. Skim or fat-free milk can be given. The dairy product must be limited to 4 ounces. It should be restricted to 4 ounces because of high protein, phosphorous, potassium content that can affect our kidney. It is better to avoid sweetened yogurt, pudding, ice cream, buttermilk, non-dairy frozen desserts, chocolate.

Starches and bread-Wheat, rye, whole grain and whole wheat bread, dry refined cereals, cream of the wheat, whole wheat pasta, bagel, cornbread, flour-made a tortilla, the sourdough should be added in the diet. Food which should be avoided is sugar or frosted coated cereals, granola, ban, cracker, corn chips, salted snacks which include corn chips, crackers, potato chips, whole wheat cereals like raisin bran and wheat flakes, instant cereals. The whole-grain hot cereals contain more potassium and phosphorous. 

Juices and fruit-Apple juice, berries including strawberry, fruit cocktail, watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, plums, pears, mandarin oranges, fruit canned and unsweetened, pear, papaya can be given to the patient. It is better to avoid prunes, raisins, dates, kiwi, mangos, honeydew melon, pomegranate, star fruit. Starchy vegetables –Peas, corn can be consumed in a limited amount. These should be consumed in limited amount because it has phosphorus. Potato can be consumed but it should be soaked to reduce phosphorus. It is recommended to avoid sweet potato, yams, dried beans, baked potato, lentil, lima.

High protein food-Poultry, lean meat, low cholesterol eggs, fish can be given. The food which should be avoided is a hot dog, salmon, salami bacon, etc. 

So friends, do not worry or be threatened because of diabetic nephropathy but remember that a good diet contains good foods that can control diabetic nephropathy.