How can eyes get affected during Holi? 

There are various scenarios of eyes getting some kind of damage during Holi celebrations:

  • Direct impact of a water balloon on an eye. It can cause concussion, abrasion or both. (Check your vision and take expert opinion). Some times there is a drop in vision after a delay of a few hours to days, as the retinal oedema settles in gradually.
  • Abrasion of the lids, front portion of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva) due to friction caused by forceful application of colours, presence of mica crystals in gulal of non organic origin. (Rinse eyes in a gentle stream of running water for several minutes, cover eyes with a sterile pad and report to a doctor. No pressure, rubbing of eyes at any point in time.)
  • Toxic Injury due to chemical dyes. (Rinse eyes in a gentle stream of running water for several minutes and report to a doctor.)
  • Direct impact of water guns or other mechanical water spray devices

Some Precautions:

  1. Use only organic colours from a reliable source  
  2. Cover your skin with a thin coat of a bland oil to prevent colours from damaging skin
  3. Do not use force to apply colour on people, it can be done gracefully as well
  4. Keep a few buckets of clean water handy and ensure water storage in the overhead tank.
  5. You may use unbreakable plastic sunglasses to protect eyes from sprays of water and colour.    
  6. Do not wear contact lenses for your safety, use prescription spectacles instead. Ensure that they are made in plastic and not glass. 
  7. Try to cover your hair and scalp with a waterproof cap or bandana and apply some oil before hand
  8.  Remove colour safely by rinsing your face in a gentle stream of warm water to start with followed by application of mild soap. Do not rub vigorously or apply harsh chemical soaps. it is safer to let the colours come out over a few days rather than producing more damage to the delicate skin of lida and face.  Use moisturising creams or oil to keep the skin soft and smooth. 

Wishing a Happy and Safe Holi to all the readers