Nigella Seeds or Kalonji is used in many Ayurvedic medicines and many researches today are evaluating its effectiveness in curing cancer, diabetes, blood pressure etc. In Indian cooking, it is used especially in the preparation of pickles, this black coloured seed has numerous health benefits. It is dry and light in nature,  it's rasa is bitter and astringent, it is hot in potency. It balances kapha and vata dosha in body. It increases pitta (fire) dosha.

Nigella seeds or Kalonji benefits

 * It improves digestion, act as an appetizer, helpful in relieving bloating by releasing gas and also prevents formation of gas.  

* As Kalonji has absorbent property it is useful in diarrhoea, dysentery and IBS. 

* Chewing it's seeds relieves bad breath.

* Relieve toothache

* As it induces menstruation, it is used in absent periods, also to ease painful period cramps. 

* It act as brain tonic, improves intelligence and memory. 

*  Improve eyesight

* It is used to treat headaches. 

* It maintains cholesterol levels in the body and helps in preventing blockage.  

* Good for liver and kidney 

* It helps in lowering blood pressure. 

* Useful in paralysis and other neurological disorders.

* It is good for asthmatic patients as it reduces frequency and severity of asthma. 

* Useful in diabetes. 

* Promote hair growth ( seed paste apply on scalp) it's oil also good for hair. 

* Kalonji is very effective in PCOS treatment.  

* It is helpful in reducing weight. 

Belly fat burner- 1 teaspoon powder + 1 teaspoon honey after food for 2-3 months

 * It's kadha is given after delivery from second day to 10 days to protect mother from infection and strengthen her internal systems, this kadha also increases breast milk production. 

* It fights cancer and protect from side effects of chemotherapy.

Nigella seeds or Kalonji has any Side Effects?

It should be avoid by person of pitta body type, person who cannot tolerate hotness, those suffering from acidity, or burning sensation. It should be consumed if there is heavy flow during period and also avoid during pregnancy. 

How to use it?

You can add its seed or oil in sabji, chapati ,daal or its powder can be consumed with honey.