From now on doing proper workouts will not be a problem once you learn a few basics for workout which you should know. Understand how you can start exercising with some suggestions.

How to start?

Divide up your time through out the day any way you want. 4-6 ten minute workouts can do the wonders for you. It is the accumulated time that is important.

Try doing a little more than what you are doing now. If taking a round of the park is your current workout, then double it to two rounds and gradually you will be able to take more laps and this results to more calorie burn.

Build activity into your day in simple ways that don't take up a lot of extra time. Like using steps instead of lifts. Try walking to buy groceries from your near by store. Find company to workout with you, this shall give you motivation as well as competition. Start doing a bit of house hold activities.

Learn Controlling the Calorie Burn

Whether you participate in a structured physical activity or just try to add extra movement to your day, the number of calories you burn is determined by several factors. You have control over all of them:

Frequency: The more often you move, the more calories you burn. So do things more often and accelerate you calorie burn.

Time: The more time you spend moving, the more calories you burn. Gradually increase the workout time which will increase the calorie burn.

Intensity: If time is a speed breaker for you then start a more intense workout. More body movement in a certain per minute of activity.The more intense or strenuous the activity, the more calories you burn.This way you will burn the same amount of calories if you would be doing  the activity at a lower intensity for more time.

Your weight: Here is a reason for you to smile, the more you weigh, the more calories it takes to move your body. Person weighing 100 kg would burn more calories than a person weighing 70 kg , when doing the same amount of workout.

Get Going

If you are not doing physical activity or increasing the amount of workout then start now. Its never too late to start. People of all ages can enjoy the benefits from physical activity. If you've not been doing any activity recently then start slowly. Start with reason to start moving around and then gradually make it a schedule.

Don't plunge into heavy or high intensity workouts. Start with activities that you can manage and then step by step move further. Feel comfortable with increasing levels and don't make it very painful. Let body adjust to your schedule as heart and muscle take time to adjust.Watch out for sudden jumps in intensity of workout and weight lifting as it can set you back. Slow and gradual movement is the key to a good health.

Going easy and steady on workouts decreases the chances of injury and if you have health problems take a proper monitoring of your workouts.