Jeera / Cumin is used around the world to add flavour to food. It is used as in powder form or as seeds.

6 Health Benefits of adding Jeera (Cumin seed) in your diet:

1) Low in calories and good for digestion and also adds flavor in meals. Can be used in sauteed vegetables, salads, soups, brown rice, etc.

2) Boosts metabolism.

3) Due to antioxidant property in jeera/ cumin it helps to detoxify the body.

4) Helps fat metabolism and can lead to lose some weight too. 1 glass jeera/ cumin water helps to reduce weight

5) It also may help to lower the blood sugar levels.

6) Relieves stress. 

Jeera can help you stay healthy in many more ways but remember moderation is the key to good health here, hence can use upto 1 tsp/ day.