It may take more than a new smile to help you look your very best.

Having a great smile is undoubtedly an asset, regardless of other aspects of your appearance. However, your smile is only one part of the whole composition of your face. Once you have improved your smile, you may be inspired to make a few other changes to look your very best, and it may be necessary to look beyond your dentist to help.

If you are unhappy with your facial profile,the condition of your skin, or specific facial features such as your lips, nose or chin. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon reveals how repositioning the jaws can improve not only your bite but also your entire facial appearance, especially in profile.

What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery involves dividing and repositioning the jawbones to bring them into better alignment. It is typically used to correct bite problems that cannot be fixed by orthodontics alone.Often bone or soft tissues may be removed or augmented to further enhance facial esthetics. Orthognathic surgery can bring about significant changes in your appearance.

Is orthognathic surgery right for me?

Orthognathic surgery is typically performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and can achieve dramatic improvement in facial esthetics. Orthognathic surgery may be the best option if you:

1. Have jaw problems that can be treated only by surgery.

2. Can pay for the procedure, as its a bit expensive.

3. Feel strongly that your condition is inhibiting your success and happiness.

4. Are willing to experience some discomfort and inconvenience.

5. Understand and accept all associated risks.

Communication is critical to success!

1.It's important that you tell your doctor exactly what you want to correct.He or she may zero in on a particular problem,and you need to be sure that problem is also your primary concern.

2. Your surgeon will design a highly specialized treatment plan for you based on information gathered by obtaining casts of your teeth, photographs,video images,and special x-rays.

3. It's highly important that you know what results to expect from treatment.Some surgeons will use digital imaging to give you a good idea of what you'll look like after surgery;others may show you tracings of your new profile based on your x-rays.

4.It's also essential that you understand each step of the surgical procedure that you're to undergo.The main risks and possible outcomes should be explained thoroughly, and it's then up to decide which procedures you wish to have performed.

What can orthognatic surgery do?

Problems that can be addressed using orthognathic surgery include

. Recessive or protruding lower jaw and/or chin.

. Chin that is too short,too long,or otherwise unattractive.

. Open bite(teeth do not meet)

. Lower and/or upper jaw positioned to one side or a narrow arch

. Discrepancies in upper and lower facial height (gummy smile or lack of enough tooth or gums showing)

What does an oral and maxillofacial surgeon do?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons do more than just tooth extractions and jaw surgeries.If  you're interested in cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of your face and neck,talk to your surgeon about including them your overall treatment plan.

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