Manhood has got a lot of misconceptions among men. The act has been glorified in many shades of grey beyond reality. People have extra ordinary larger then life expectations for size, duration and repeatability of act. We are not open to discuss amongst us the most common hashtag searched by our brain’s twitter. 

The most searched word is the S word in the internet. 

Whenever a biography is released by some celebrity, they talk about the secrets of their S life and we run to read about it with dying curiosity. We end up taking indirect hints or the half cooked knowledge of our peers as the hard core evidence and sometimes unnecessarily drag our self into a never ending self pain.

It is all in the brain i.e software not hardware. Stress is the major limiting factor. Wrong information about super inflated expectations is also a major contributor. You need to have social sanctity, acceptance, security and promotion for a developing relationship and this applies to the act also. Guilt,  misinformation, wrong interpretation and taboo to talk and discuss openly leads to problems in youth. 

Younger ones sometimes come in the habit of taking health supplements with expectations beyond reality. These supplements sometimes have steroids, which make you fat in appearance, but you are debilitated with the healthier aspects of your body.

Youth in sports and bodybuilding take androgenic steroids and growth hormone supplements. These supplements either make their male hormones more or leads to lessening of it making people to face unbearable melancholy of the self inflicted sexual problem. 

Mostly it is our habit of taking shortcuts in life holds us to these trivial problems. Windows as a software needs an antivirus and is vulnerable to fall for viruses, the same applies for our youth also. There are three parts of the act.

  • First is the attraction and the urge which governs our libido is dealt by our male hormone testosterone. 
  • Secondly the current of fresh oxygenated blood to your organ, it is a vascular issue mostly impaired in diabetics and many more. 
  • Thirdly, it is the venous leakage from your organ during the act, usually a mechanical problem. Testosterone governs libido. 

If there is lack of libido it may be a hormonal problem, one can consult an Endocrinologist. If the problem is with the flow and leakage, it becomes a team work of a hormone specialist and a vascular surgeon and sometimes an Andrologist. The door of the problem should open to a psychiatrist first followed by the series of trained people as depicted

Young people embarking in manhood should have clearer vision regarding their health, protection, exercise, diet and should confer with someone who has a vision and training to deal with such illnesses.