Most of us get overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting. But just imagine the plight of those parents whose child is hyperactive. It's a huge task for such parents to manage their child. A child who keeps running here and there keeps climbing and jumping off tables and sofas, who just can't sit in one place for long. Such a child is constantly on the go as if driven by a motor but there is no off switch.

Slowly such a child gets isolated from its peers and neighbours, as everyone dreads having such a child around. Even the caretakers get frustrated over a period of time. The child has to face the wrath of the teachers as they believe that the child deliberately wants to create a nuisance and disturb the class. Parents feel helpless and are unable to understand as to how they can help the child.

One of the reasons why your child could be hyperactive is that he could be suffering from ADHD (Attention-deificit hyperactivity disorder). 

Following is a checklist to identify whether your child has ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)

  • Is your child more hyperactive, inattentive and impulsive at school/ home/at play compared to other children of the same age?
  • Does your child often experiences difficulties finding items needed for homework/ school assignments?
  • Does he have difficulty awaiting his turn and blurts out answers even before the question is completed?
  • Does he/she frequently misplace personal items like books, toys, school stationery?

  • Do you often receive complaints from the school teacher that your child disturbs the class or is unable to complete the school assignments?

  • Do you experience difficulties controlling or setting boundaries for your child?

  • Does supervise or controlling your child takes up a considerable amount of your time?
  • Does anyone else in your family have problems with restlessness, time management or staying focused?

If these complaints are present for a significant duration and the onset has been before the age of 7 years, then your child needs to be assessed to rule out ADHD.

Timely diagnosis and treatment can help your child to prevent losing out on the important years of his life, where he needs to focus on learning new things, making new friends, gaining confidence in himself. It will help you too, to enjoy the parenting process.