Literally speaking, your bones or the skeletal system is the one that maintains the entire integrity of your physical being. So, it is extremely vital for your skeletal system to remain strong and robust in order for you to fulfil your daily activities with ease.

But do you feel your bone health is deteriorating? Well, there can be several reasons for that. Given are the most common reasons for bone loss or deterioration of bones. Read them out to find out which cause identifies the most with you:

Old age and changing bones

As you age, your bones start getting old too. Also, once you reach a certain age, there is meagre bone creation which leads to the entire burden on your older bones. There is significant  bone loss too. All these factors lead to the deterioration of your bones. You cannot get the old vigour back but a good Orthopaedic Doctor can help you lessen the pain. Depending on your condition, a bone replacement can also be recommended.

Insufficient diet

If you feel your bones are getting weaker, check your diet. Are you taking enough nutrients? If not, start taking foods rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins. If the condition is too bad, you can also ask your doctor to write prescriptions for nutrient supplements. It will lead to a speedy recovery of your bones.

Imbalance in bone loss and the creation 

The body reabsorbs old bones and creates new ones. A balance is maintained in the process. If it is imbalanced due to any reason, your bone health with deteriorating.


Last but not least of the reasons is inactivity. In your busy lifestyle, it is difficult to take our time to exercise but it is really important for your health. If you can’t exercise, at least start walking for half an hour in a day.

All the points can give you an idea of what might be wrong, but it’s only your doctor who can help you with the identification of the right problem and start with the treatment.