For an addict, there's only way to go - down.

The family tries all sorts of control strategies, but usually fails. 

However, there's a way out. Treatment is now available for various addictions - alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet...

Rehabs are not jails

In India, rehabs are still viewed as some sort of jails. They are not. Modern rehabs are designed to help a person get over his or her devastating habits. Most are comfortable and friendly. 

Instead of being the last resort for the addict, they should be the first choice of a family seeking help. That way, they will avoid the pain and misery and save time.

Addiction is a primary, progressive and chronic disease (DSM 5). If not treated, it can be fatal. Rehabs have evidence-based treatment programs with proven protocols to address the multiple issues arising out of addictions.

Choose the rehab wisely

Since addiction treatment is fairly new in India, you need to choose the rehab carefully.

Check out the antecedents of the facility. Does it have adequate experience in addiction treatment? Is the staff experienced and qualified? Is the facility fairly comfortable? Does it offer comprehensive services - such as support for the family? What about Aftercare? Is there medical and psychiatric back up?

Ask questions. You can assess the center by visiting and meeting with the counselors - what does your gut instinct say?

Cooperate with the therapy team

Once you have committed to recovery, give it your best shot. The therapists may suggest somethings that do not appear logical or convincing at first - but remember, your own strategies did not work. Now allow the rehab to work and go along with their suggestions. An professional rehab will have proven protocols to deal with all aspects of addiction recovery. From detox to relapse prevention - and aftercare.

A rehab can be the first step toward a new life. If you do your bit, it works! And in the end, the results are really worth it!