As a practising psychotherapist and acupuncturist I have come across the common problem of erectile dysfunction or sexual inadequacy related to the patient's own emotional problems.

If you are full of ego, non-adjusting attitude, high-tempered, serious kind of person you will,  rather must be suffering from sexual inadequacies as well as erectile dysfunction. The word r-i-g-i-d contains two I and the word f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e contains one. This itself explains the topic. So be casual carefree and not serious. Be free to accommodate any expectation failures. Be forgiving forgetting and you will get all pleasures including sexual one too.

More than physical, sex is emotional. So we say that where does sex actually lie, you know, it lies in between the ears more than in between the thighs; that is what how you think - you sink or stink. So get-going just chill up, eat less, drink not and just feel cool about everything under the sun.Any small worry can take away sexual feelings totally and no medicine can bring back your drifted mind.Mindfully do all and of course sex too.Even those who are just too physical are wrong because it is animal-like and creates sadness after sex.See that sex bonds friendship deeper  and more understanding etc develop.

Sex is a merger of two egoless bodies and minds,hence its more of losing than gaining.Lose it all to get still better.The meaning of this is quite deep for you to understand but it's ok. Love is synonymous to sex when there is total zeroing in.

So if ego persists what you are doing is not different from raping.So keep a cheerful easy-going nature and things become improvised,better in all sense.Scents and perfumes mean airs away and egolessness coming in.So foreplay and after-play are mostly more important than intercourse itself as they help you rediscover each other differently every time.