The answer to this question is yes, but with a rider. Cancer is curable if it is diagnosed in early stage and treatment is given as per standard protocol under the supervision of an expert doctor. For early diagnosis of cancer we need to know the early symptoms of various types of cancers and also we need to know various screening methods and screening recommendations. Warning symptoms and types of cancer are:

1. Head and neck cancer: Non healing ulcer, heaviness of voice, neck swelling, etc

2. Lung cancer: Persistence of cough, breathlessness, weight loss, chest pain. 

3. Food pipe cancer: Difficultly in swallowing, weight loss 

4. Breast cancer: Lump in breast, nipple discharge, retraction of nipple, skin texture changes, swelling in axilla  

5. Colon cancer: Altered bowel habits like loose motions followed by constipation, blood in stool, pain abdomen, lump in abdomen

6. Prostate cancer: Difficulty passing urine, increase urge fir urine, nocturia, poor stream of urine 

7. Cervix cancer: Bleeding PV, foul smelling discharge from vagina