Starting a conversation helps to build interpersonal relationships which brings the people close to each other. This is the difficult step as the person has to leave their comfort zone and initiate a conversation which helps them to gain confidence and know about them better.

There are three types of a behavioural pattern which we use in our interpersonal relationships.

  • Withdrawal Behavioral Pattern

When we hide and we do not express our feelings. In this pattern, we withdraw physically and mentally from others.

  • Aggressive Behavioral Pattern

Due to our own emotional insecurity, we go against people and hurt them with our nasty actions and abusive behaviour. Because of this people stop coming close to us.

  • Assertive Behavioral Pattern

It is a positive and healthy approach to a relationship/ marriage where we gratify each other’s needs. It involves mutual respect, understanding and care. In the process of self-disclosure, trust is the base of interpersonal relationships. It builds up when we risk ourselves by disclosing our thoughts, feelings and reactions to each other. This helps to decrease the distance created in our interpersonal relationships.

So, when we discuss distance, we maintain two levels of relationships. One is social relationships (public) and another is personal relationships (private).

Social Relationship:

  • Conventional approach

In this approach, we recognize acquaintances immediately and exchange some obligatory conversations.

  • Exploratory approach

In this approach, we move one step ahead to make our conversations meaningful. We discuss politics, sports and our basic interests of day to day life.

Personal Relationship:

  • Participative Approach

We take interest in knowing the person, personal thoughts, feelings, needs and more. In this approach, to develop a personal friendly relationship, we talk about ourselves and our personal matters which further motivates another person to open up and disclose more about self.

  • Intimacy

As we discuss our sorrows, joys, likes, dislikes, hobbies, expectations and other views; we further move towards intimacy and closeness because of the same wavelength. This way the bond of companionship develops between the two and we keep communicating good or bad experiences, agreements or disagreements and etc.

Further, through the transparency of self-disclosure, we are able to develop genuinely and authentically trustful relationship/ marriage.