Today is International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Drug‬ abuse‬ effects cardiac crisis, respiratory depression, liver cirrhosis, nephropathy, infectious diseases such as ‪‎hepatitis‬, AIDS‬, and‪ tuberculosis‬, injury - associated disability, mental disorders - ‪‎depression‬ and also oral health problems - dental caries‬, periodontal‬ diseases,‪‎mucosal‬ ‪‎dysplasia‬, ‪‎xerostomia‬, bruxism‬, tooth wear, and tooth loss.

These drug categories include opiates, cannabis‬, hallucinogens‬,‪ cocaine‬ - and ‪‎amphetamine-type stimulants and club drugs. Oral health complications associated with #drug abuse may result from direct exposure of oral tissues to drugs during smoking‬ or ingestion‬, biologic interaction of drugs with normal physiology of oral cavity, and effects of drugs on brain function which result in a spectrum of addictive behaviours such as risk-taking behaviour, poor hygiene, aggression‬, and‪ carelessness‬.

To empower dentists by providing oral‬ health‬ education and prevention material brochure/booklets/ videos/stories/real-life stories of survivors for addicts and their families.

  • Dental‬ services should be established in addiction‬ rehabilitation‬ centers to improve access to dental treatment. 
  • Diagnosis and management of oral problems in addicts
  • Management of systemic disorders related to addiction during dental treatments
  • Behavioural and psychological management of addicts during dental treatments
  • Encouraging dentists’ positive attitude toward addicts
  • Cross-infection control of blood-borne diseases