Insomnia is the medical term for having trouble in the sleep. A lot of people are suffering from this problem, which might looks a minute one, but certainly is troublesome and disturbs the whole circle of daily-life. A good 6-8 hours of sleep is highly recommended by physicians all over the world for a healthy life. So here are some of the tips to follow, so that-you regain your lost sleep once again.What are the symptoms of insomnia?The symptoms of insomnia are ,an abrupt or drastic change in the sleep pattern which leads to poor mind and body coordination, confusion and other similar problems which which start to affect your daily life.

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What causes the Insomnia?

The followings are being linked as the causes of insomnia. 

  • Anxiety
  • Over thinking
  • Stress.
  • Suppressing the feelings like fear, anger etc
  • Physical causes like constipation, pain, Excessive smoking Over use of mobile phones

How to regain my sleep?

Most people pop out the sleeping pill to get rid of insomnia, but studies show that sleeping pills rather make the condition worse.The following strategies are proven best for curing insomnia. 



A balanced diet with strategically removing the foods like coffee, excessive fats, cold drinks, preservatives and adding organic and fresh produce to your diet can do wonders in curing insomnia.



Exercise balances the hormone levels in the body and mind,it releases endorphin which not only makes you feel good but also helps to fall asleep easily.

Yoga: Yoga asanas like paschimottanasana, shavasana, Uttanasanagives you the mental relaxation and a sound sleep.

Reducing stress: Reducing the level of stress by techniques like mediation is proven pivotal in the treatment of insomnia. Small things like a small walk,jogging,listening to music, giving time to your hobbies and family can help in reducing the stress.

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