Sometimes you must know WHEN NOT TO TAKE TREATMENT.

The science of Fertility is not completely understood. That's why there are many areas of controversy. There are many medicines, available in the market but their effectiveness is NOT known. Moreover, these are COSTLY also and sometimes can have SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS.

However, sometimes the couples feel frustrated after trying for pregnancy for sometime. They desperately search for some medicines which can help them to get pregnant soon.Unfortunately, it's our body. It's not a machine. So, you cannot force your body.

So there is no use of taking medicines like DHEA, Inositol, Clomiphene, Letrozole, Antioxidants or Progesterone, UNTIL THERE IS DEFINITE BENEFIT after taking them.

So, in general, we advise the couples to try regularly and frequently (Sexual Intercourse 2 to 3 times in a week) for ONE YEAR before coming for "Fertility Treatment".

However, if in case of male, there is history of surgery in private area, infections like Mumps, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Infection/ STI, Sexual problems, Diabetes, Smoking; or female, there is age more than 35 years, Irregular periods, Painful Periods, previous Surgery to uterus/ ovary/ Fallopian Tube, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, previous Miscarriage etc, FERTILITY Treatment should be started SOONER (after 6 months of trying).

Why one year?

If 100 couples are regularly trying for pregnancy, after one month, 15 will conceive. At the end of 6 month, 60 will conceive and after one year, the chance is 80%.

Should you do any test or take any medicine before one year?

Majority of the couples are concerned about Infertility. But very very few of them think whether the mother and the baby should be OK during pregnancy. This is important and is called "Preconceptional care". So you must go to doctor BEFORE YOU PLAN PREGNANCY to ensure safety of the mother and baby during pregnancy.

The doctor will ask few questions, advise some tests like Blood group, Thalassemia and Rubella Virus and give advice on healthy lifestyle to improve your chance of pregnancy. You must take ONLY ONE MEDICINE, called "FOLIC ACID" to ensure that your blood has enough folic acid so that baby's brain development should not be hampered. Folic Acid should be started at least one month before pregnancy.

Now about the above picture-

This lady is 25 year-old and husband's age is 27 years. They were trying for pregnancy for 9 months only. Within this time, they had number of investigations s d received number of medicines like DHEA, CLOMIPHENE, PROGESTERONE and LETROZOLE. Nothing worked. Actually nothing was required. .When they visited us at 2018 September, we asked them "ARE YOU IN A HURRY TO HAVE BABY VERY SOON?" They replied, "WE WANT TO TRY NATURALLY FOR SOME MORE MONTHS". We respected their decision, stopped all medicines, advised only

1. Folic Acid

2. Regular Frequent Intercourse

3. Thalassemia test and Rubella test.

Today they came with smiling face with the GOOD NEWS.