PS- Published with kind permission from the patient.

For any couples coming with Infertility it's important to ask for Sexual Dysfunction, frequency of Intercourse and duration of trying for the baby.

This couple visited some other place, after having tried for 6 months for pregnancy. They were advised all the tests like Semen, Hormones, Ultrasound etc. However, when they went for HSG of the woman (to look for tubal patency), the radiologist could not perform HSG and found the hymen was intact. He suspected NON CONSUMMATION of MARRIAGE.

Then the couple came to us and we felt their problem was not "INFERTILITY", rather "SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION". After talking to them in details, we discovered that they did not have proper knowledge about the body anatomy and therefore they did not know the actual technique. 

We discussed with them the importance of proper technique and proper penetration. After counselling they agreed to wait for another 6 months before starting any "INFERTILITY TREATMENT"

The lady got pregnant within 3 months. Pregnancy was uncomplicated and yesterday she delivered a healthy baby.

Therefore, it's important for the couples to disclose their personal issues to doctor before any test or treatment.