Yoga is the union of mind and body. Sex is uniting a male and a female. Yoga is very useful for males suffering from various sexual problems and instead of taking drugs or dietary supplements, one can do yoga to boost their sexual stamina. Yoga is natural and does not have any side effects too.

Some of the benefits of Yoga and Pranayam pertaining to sex are:

  1. Improves sexual stamina.
  2. You will be more than satisfied with your sex life if you start practicing yoga.
  3. Yoga will heighten your senses. Do Surya-Namaskar daily to enhance your overall body.
  4. Yoga helps in breathing, which in turn helps you to get less tired while having sex.
  5. Yoga will also help you to enhance your libido.
  6. There are special asanas for enhancing your sexuality in yoga-like the Lotus position, Halasana, Sirsana, etc.
  7. Yoga cures all kinds of sexual problems.
  8. Yoga also helps in improving sexual organs and increasing the sex drive.
  9. Yoga increases your energy levels and overall fitness level which in turn enhances your sexual life.
Yoga to Enhance Sex

What you eat decides the kind of person you are. Food and sex have a good relationship, that’s why when you are overweight you are unable to have good sex. Diet and lifestyle play a big role in sexual gratification.

Some of the diets and lifestyle habits you could follow are:

  1. Include banana in your diet, bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin, which will help to increase virility (male sexual strength and stamina).
  2. Eat a lot of almonds. Almonds are rich in zinc and they help to boost your libido.
  3. Eat a lot of strawberries, they are rich in Vitamin C and help in blood circulation, which in turn helps in better sexual experience.
  4. Get good sleep of a minimum of eight hours as you need energy for sex.
  5. Eat one garlic on your empty stomach early in the morning. It helps to increase your sexual organs stamina to hold out.
  6. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy food. Eat a lot of salads, soups, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.
  7. Avoid junk food, it is bad for your health as well as your sex life.

Hence, these are some of the yoga and diet tips you ought to follow to have an active and great sex life.