You know why many times ayurveda is considered as slow acting? 

Its a myth! Ayurvedic treatments are quickly acting provided the herbal medicines are prepared afresh when a patient requires. It is just the case of coffee or tea where it is prepared and served afresh with full of aroma! The classical ayurvedic text Sharangadhara Samhitha says, the herbs should be mixed and made new medicines when a patient is in need of it - "Navanyeva hi yojyani dravyani akhila karmasu". 

Swarasa, a category of ayurvedic medicines are made from the fresh leaves or roots of the medicinal herbs. Amalaki Swarasa is very good for diabetes and obesity. Vasa Swarasa is good for immunity related to cough, cold and asthma. There are fresh Kashayas such as Gandharvahastadi kashaya which relieves back pain and hip pain immediately . The migraine headache can be controlled with the administration of freshly prepared Pathya aksha dhatryadi kashaya. Acidity can be cured by usage of fresh juice of Satavari. Diabetes foot ulcer and vericose foot ulcers can be treated with a medicated oil named Jathyadi Taila where the oil is prepared with jasmine plant, lotus etc afresh. The results with freshly prepared medicines make patients happy and satisfied.