During pregnancy, woman body changes very rapidly. And to cope up with these changes and prevent injury, it is important to exercise regularly. There are numerous reasons to exercise regularly during pregnancy. Few of them are listed below:

To avoid muscle tear

Muscle tears such as abdomen muscles are very common during pregnancy. If the muscles are well conditioned, then chances of tears are reduced. Proper stretching and strengthening of muscles can help in reducing many complications of pregnancy.

To cope with changing posture

During pregnancy, posture changes are normal due to the increasing abdomen. Lower back curvature is exaggerated. To avoid pain and increasing back endurance it is important to do light exercises. Not only it helps with changing posture but also helps in normalizing posture post delivery.

To avoid swelling

Lower limb swelling is an important manifestation of pregnancy. It can be difficult to sit on a chair or stand for a long time as it increases swelling and cause pain and difficulty to walk. To avoid such situations, regular limb exercises can help in reducing swelling and make your pregnancy easier.

Exercises during pregnancy should be selected carefully to avoid any harm to mother or baby. See your physiotherapist who can prescribe you exercises that are safe to do when you are expecting.