My last article comments made me to write this article. Thanks to all those who asked about meditation, you are the inspiration for this article.

Medication is for body and Meditation is for soul. In today's world of commerce and materialism we had forgotten that we are not what we are. Our body is just an instrument and the life(Vital) force is some thing which make us differ from a dead. Force is generated by energy which have vibrations and waves. Meditation is the process to tune the vibration of the energy which brings life to us. As good is the tuning the better is the vibrations, and as vibrations are better the best is your life performance.

Lets have a look on how to start with meditation

1. Need of Meditation: Need is the mother of all inventions. For every human being if you don't have a need you can't see the path. Same way the need to calmness, stability or any other immaterial demands can keep you focus initially.

2. Faith: A quality which brings hope to your vision. Faith is a proved phenomenon which helps you to act in such a way to get every thing you need. Just it has to be charged 100%. A single percent of doubt can bring fractured fulfillment.

3. Consistency: A key to every success. Mediation is not a process of days or weeks, its habit. The more you practice the more you are at core. Initially it seems to be slow moving but as you get connected, you will never feel the slowness. So keep doing.

4. Start from where you are: Don't hunt a place for meditation. Its a process of getting connected and not disconnected, so you can start from you room also. Just make sure you are not disturbed by your phone or door bell.

5. Time: The best time for the one who is starting is the early morning schedule. Human brains are in alpha mode which is best suited while meditating. But if you are night watcher then it will be more of lethargic. So early to bed and early to rise.

These basic steps will surely help to take you to next level of pro. Now remains the question of whom to follow? Its your personal choice to follow any technique, just make sure its has an immaterial approach. One cannot buy a immaterial thing with material cost. Avoid loud and noisy techniques as you are doing it for inner peace and calmness. Thank you