If you wantto solve a problem, it's a good idea to combine

·        mind mapping and

·        problemsolving tools (like brainstorming, asking questions, drawing a diagram...).This way, you can                  profitfrom the benefits of each approach.

Start your mind map with the topic of your problem.

·        Avoid adescription of your problem that is too narrow.

Use the IDEAL strategy for problem solving.

 ·        IDEAL standsfor

·        I = identify problems and opportunities

·        D = define alternative goals

·        E = explore possible strategies

·        A =anticipate and act

·        L = look andlearn.

Develop your ideas on each stage.

·        Develop your ideas in subbranches.

·        Use problem solving tools for each stage.

·        You find collection of problem solving tools in the "Tips" section below.

Nest the IDEAL stages if it suits your problem.

See the video below for an example.