The Nipah Virus or NiV has been taking a toll on lives of people in certain regions of India. Moreover, the panic is spreading as a few possible cases were detected in other parts of the country as well. So, what can we do about it on an individual basis? You can’t probably stop the outbreak but being careful and vigilant can keep you and your loved ones stay safe.

We contacted our team of experts and here are the tips they emphasised upon for protection against Nipah Virus:

  • Avoid animal to human transmission: Though the source of the infection is fruit bats, but pigs are also identified to be active carriers of the virus. Avoid coming in direct contact with such animals and consuming their meat until the disease is declared to be under control.
  • Stay away from Niv Patients: The possibility of human to human transmission is lesser than that of the animal to human but it’s not entirely safe. If you happen to inhale the same air that an infected person exhales, you can get the infection. If you are in affected regions avoid meeting or coming near infected patients.
  • Personal Hygiene: Personal hygiene is very important. Ensure you properly wash your hands before and after meals. Wear clean clothes and use antiseptics in your bathing and washing water if you live in affected areas.
  • Selective Fruit Consumption: The main source of the disease is fruits. Avoid eating fruits coming from tall trees like mangoes, papayas, etc. Do not eat half-eaten fruits or contaminated fruits with a paw or other marks. It’s best to eat well washed and properly cooked food rather than raw consumption.

If you see any symptoms, even fever or disorientation, get to your nearest speciality hospital at the earliest. The disease affects very swiftly so you can’t delay treatment or consultation.