Babies are very very special for their parents and so is their overall well being and overall health important.

Good health comes in as a result of healthy habits and healthy eating. So consequently making oral and dental health also of prime importance.

It is extremely crucial to maintain oral hygiene in babies and young children. In my previous article I have mentioned about the importance of milk teeth. In this article we will discuss how to maintain oral hygiene at such small age.

Oral Hygiene care in Neonates

In neonates, their oral tissues (gums, palate, tongue, mucosa) and teeth (if present) should be cleaned thoroughly after each feeding with the help of sterile damp cotton or sterile damp soft cotton cloth.

  • Avoid feeding in sleeping position.
  • Do not let the neonates sleep with nipples or bottles in their mouth. Clean even if babies are sleeping.

Avoid bottle feeding as much as possible.

Oral Hygiene Care In Infants

In Infants, clean the oral tissues and teeth with your fingers and some Luke warm water. In infants cleaning can also be done the same way as in neonates.

Oral Hygiene Care in Toddlers

In toddlers make brushing a fun activity for your child. Implement the habit of brushing twice daily right from this tender age. Parents need to give time and patience for brushing activity. It's a tedious job.

And finally do visit a dentist every six months for routine examinations and oral prophylaxis (teeth cleaning).