Individuals with suicidal thoughts should understand that it is quite common for you to have such thoughts every now and then. It is not a character defect or something that makes you crazy, or weak. It just states that the amount of stress or pain you are having is more than in hand. Even though the suffering may appear to be overwhelming and permanent, but with time and support, you can relieve from emotional stress and the negative feelings will pass. At times people feel that their misery or unhappiness will never end, but it is important to realize that crises are usually temporary. There are various measures that you can keep in mind and protect yourself from ending up doing something wrong:

Don’t Worry About the Perception

The first step you can take towards the prevention of suicides is by actually talking about it. You may be afraid to bring up the subject of suicide, fearing that you’ll be judged or criticized. But you need to talk about suicide and open the doors of communication in order to get help for your suffering. You need to understand that you are not alone. You can depend on your friends and family, people who will support you in the hard times.

Understand the Warning Signs

There are many warning signs for suicide that you can look out for when you doubt you are in trouble. Common signs such as feeling trapped, hopeless, isolating and perceiving oneself as a burden along with abnormal eating and sleeping pattern can be early onsets of suicidal ideations. By getting to know these warning signs, you can be more aware, ask for help and deal accordingly.

Ask for Family Support

Getting family and friends support, talking to them about how you feel and if required ask for professional help. Family and friends should even attend sessions with you. Avoiding isolation and staying connected to the outside world, as much as possible is required. It is very essential for people to develop an optimistic attitude, like focusing on the good things you have or seeking out things that give you pleasure.

Speak Up/Be Expressive 

It is essential to understand the importance of calling a suicide prevention helpline or someone close to you. Whenever, you feel such thoughts are bothering, raise your voice, share your feelings. Attending a self-help or support group, where you can discuss issues with people who understand. Be expressive as much as you can, so that others can help you during your crucial stage.

Avoid Drugs

Avoiding alcohol and drugs can help to curb suicide. Alcohol makes people act more impulsively. Previous suicidal thought may evolve into action with the use of alcohol. Alcohol/substance abusers are much more likely to commit suicide, as alcohol/drug inhibits the ability to reason, as intoxicated people do not fully realize the consequences.

Focus on Physical Health

Engaging in some kind of exercise can be very beneficial. Additionally, ensure to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet. Make it a point to get at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep in every 24-hour period. Also, try relaxation or meditation techniques early in the morning.

It would be highly recommended to seek help from a professional psychologist if you have suicidal ideation and nobody around you seems to be of any help. You can talk with the psychologist face to face or telephonically in case of urgency. The psychologist will aid you to come up with better ways to manage a stressful situation and achieve your goals with a new perspective.P.S.:- Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Give yourself the required time to deal efficiently and for the pain to subside.