Hello guys, I hope you all are doing great but not able to make exercise a habit.

Do you feel lazy?

Don't have time?

Or any other reason?

Then here is the Solution! You can adopt the following practices to make exercise your habit:

  • DO IT FIRST IN THE MORNING: You will get it out of the way and start your day with a win. 
  • SET OUT CLOTHES THE NIGHT BEFORE: This will make it easier to get up and go.
  • PUT IT IN YOUR SCHEDULE: That way you can't make excuses when it comes time to actually do it.
  • FOLLOW A SET WORKOUT ROUTINE: This makes your workout more productive and time-efficient.
  • DON’T START OUT DOING TOO MUCH: Doing too much will only lead to burnout. START small and slowly work your way up.
  • WORKOUT WITH FRIENDS: To build accountability and make it fun.
  • COMBINE IT WITH CHORES: This goes back to making exercise more time efficient.
  • SOMETHING BEATS NOTHING: A 20-minute walk beats no walk at all.
  • MAKE SURE ITS GOAL-FOCUSED: Wanna build muscle? Lift weight. Want to improve your cardiovascular health? Do more cardio.

As I always say, it's the body in which you have to live in.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy!