We all are dying from the moment we are born. A lot of Research is being carried out on anti-ageing. Maybe someday it will help mankind find the cure for old age.  But until that happens let us understand the world of  Anti Aging. The anti Aging world is a world where we age in a Healthy manner. It is a world of  Health, Happiness, Energy, and Drive. This world is also called the world of Healthy Aging. It helps one overcome the Physical and Emotional reductions we face as we age.      

This article is about helping you live healthy despite a decline caused by ageing.                                         


One of the biggest reason why you don't look young is Lifestyle. A poor lifestyle includes Smoking, Drinking, and Lack of sleep. These 3 are a recipe for disasters. 

Lack of sleep is dangerous


The food we eat will generally decide your age. Food high in oil and sugar will make you old by at least 5-10 years. Your skin and internal organs will get inflamed. In order to look younger try green vegetables and Boiled food at least twice a week. Vitamin C is also very good. 

Go for Plant-based food

#Facial Massage 

An occasional facial massage will not harm. It will rejuvenate your facial skin. In fact, people go in for the massage because it lowers the stress levels. 

Facial Massage will help


Exercise will make you look younger by at least 5-10 years. 30-45 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week. You will gain human growth hormone which is the key to looking young.  If you believe u don't have the stamina to do exercise then keep yourself busy throughout the day and walk for 4-5 km in clean air. Every session of exercise will take you towards your better version. 

Exercise Exercise Exercise


Drinking 3-4 litres of water per day is just enough to keep your skin hydrated. Keep your skin moisturized using Vaseline. Water adds to the shine on your face. The more active you stay and the more you walk higher will be your thirst levels. Drinking water will not sound like a punishment. Instead, you will start relishing drinking water

Only 3-4 Liters


Stress can you make you look old in a manner that can be irreversible.  If you are 35+  then it is time you manage Stress. Meditation, Yoga, Music, Hobby, anything will do. 

The Biggest Silent Killer
Healthy ageing promises vitality and well being. Go for it. 

#Use your Brain 

Ensure you are busy using your brain throughout the day. Try riddles, puzzles, think new ideas, play chess, try and understand a new aspect of anything. Keeping your brain occupied can do a lot of good to your looking young. 

Try 2-3 riddles every day