Every second person is gaining weight due to poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle. Continuous sitting at desk makes one feel restless and tired which makes them feel hungry at the same time and they opt for poor snacking habit and which automatically leads to weight gain. Risk of diabetes increases due to continuous sitting.

Following are the key steps by which one can keep himself fit:

  • WALK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: The more you walk the more you will feel active. Try to walk as much as possible during lunch break.Opt for stairs rather than elevators or escalators. Keep a count on your daily steps. Try to aim for 10,000 steps daily.
  • MOVE AROUND OFFICE: It’s important to break sedentary lifestyle. Move around after every hour or so. Instead of calling an attendant or anyone to get something get up and get it yourself.
  •  DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST: Skipping breakfast won’t solve the problem. By this your metabolism slows down. Skipping breakfast increases the urge for fatty food.
  • INCREASE WATER INTAKE: Increase your water intake as it helps the body in releasing out the toxins through urination and sweat. It will also promote weight loss. Water is also good for your skin too
  • OPT FOR HEALTHY SNACK: Op for something healthy like apple/almond/ roasted chana. Avoid processed and packed food, biscuits,namkeens, etc as it will lead to weight gain.
  • DESK EXERCISE OR STRETCH: One should do desk exercise which will include stretching of sides, arms, touch your toes, face exercise, etc so that you don’t feel restless and tired 
  •  PACK YOUR LUNCH: It’s very easy to fall into habit of eating out as they are high in calories which lead to weight gain. Try to take lunch along with you in which you can include healthy options like veg sandwich, vegetable and lettuce wrap, any veg and roti, any dal and roti, toast with eggs, etc.
  • SET LIFESTYLE GOALS: Apart from weight loss one should also change his lifestyle to a healthy one which includes regular exercise which can be walk, yoga, gym, or any sport activity but don’t forget the diet too. Avoid colas, sodas, packed and processed food. Keep a diet diary with you and Set a realistic goal as it’s not a short journey it’s a lifetime achievement.