1. Wake up earlier - For some of us waking up early is a challenge . It helps to plan your next morning in advance just before you go to sleep, visualise yourself  waking up at 5 am.Set alarm at 5 am,place the alarm across the room.Trick your brain to believe that the challenge is just to reach to the tooth brush, because once you reach your brush you wouldn't go back to bed.try this you would be surprised at how much you can accomplish before the world wakes up.

2. Drink at least 2 glasses of water -Our body is 60% water .It helps to maintain all the metabolic processes at an optimal level.

3. Exercise for 20 min -Exercise not only helps you to be fit but also releases endorphins which are responsible to keep your mind happy. You can choose any kind of exercise like walking , jogging, weights, strength training or yoga.It is good to have a mixture of cardio and strength training. Make it very easy for your brain to develop the habit by breaking it into chunks.keep your work out clothes and shoes ready the previous night next to your bed. Challenge to your brain is not to go to the gym but only to get into workout clothes. Once you get into it, the chain of habit loop would automatically take you out to the gym or on your yoga mat with much less effort.

4. Meditate- I call it magic. If you practice it daily for 20 min it helps you go through the day feeling like everything is under your control. It helps you to develop more will power, will power is like a muscle more you practice more you develop .It helps you to catch and pause a moment before you respond to any situation, to become a better parent and patient one. In today's world of distraction, learning to concentrate  is the most important skill that you can develop.

5. Read a good book for 20 min or your career related topic. It helps you move up in your career and stay one step ahead of others.Widens your horizons of the world view. Even if you implement 1 or 2 things from each book in your life, it is worth the effort.

6. Maintain a daily journal-Visualise your highest self and write it down.Plan your day in advance by writing down the tasks, divide it into goals and obligations.Helps you go through your day without stress.

7. Drink a glass of healthy smoothie-Include green leafy vegetables avocado ,banana, almonds, bitter gourd ,chia seeds.Many healthy recipes are available online to make them tasty and nutritious too filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

It takes a lot of effort to create a healthy morning routine and perfect it. But once you create a habit. It becomes automatic and effortless. Consistency is very important. We are what we do, over and over again.