Nightfall is also called night emission or wet dreams. It is quite common among men all over the world. It should be understood that it is not a disease. This happens when men ejaculate in his their without an erection. This could be because of erotic dreams, as well as, erotic thoughts. This problem is faced by teenagers and young adults. Even older men might face this problem. The frequency of this problem varies from one individual to another. Since it is not a health problem and it will not affect the overall health of a man. But when it becomes frequent, it is ideal to go for Night Discharge treatment.

Causes of Nightfall are not known. But it could be due to memories or dreams. However, no evidence exists. However, if the occurrence of nightfall is frequent, then it will lead to a weaker erection, tiredness, and premature ejaculation. Other than this back pain and testicular pain are also caused. So it is ideal for the men to take up the Night Discharge treatment. Let’s see here some natural ways of solving this problem:

  • Drink sage tea before sleeping which is effective for nightfall as it prevents ejaculation during sleep.
  • Add sandalwood, rose, lavender, and German chamomile oils in your bathing water.
  •  Consume fenugreek juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey before going to bed.
  • Curd is also ideal to control the ejaculation during sleeping.
  • Take some bottle gourd and add some sesame oil and massage it on your scalp every night. You can also eat the leaves of the bottle guard which is a cure for the nightfall.
  • Including raw onion in your daily diet is beneficial for diminishing ejaculation while you are sleeping.

Besides the above Night Discharge treatment, you can also follow relaxation techniques before going to bed. When you take a balanced diet, that itself is a good remedy for this problem.