Cataract Surgery is one of the commonly performed ophthalmological procedure. Usually, complications after surgery are rare. However, some problems (complications) are avoidable. One should know, how to take good care of the eyes after surgery. Recovery after cataract surgery is generally fast. But still, the patient may feel a bit dizzy just after the surgery. The patient must avoid contact with water in the postoperative period up to 1 week. Always, follow the prescribed medications and their schedule strictly. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Avoid strenuous work and bending forward etc. Ideally, you're first to follow up visit will be scheduled the next day or a day after the surgery is performed on the eye. Don’t be frightened if you find cloudy vision in the initial days. Your visual system may need some time for adjustment to the removal of the cataract and the new intraocular lens. Your Surgeon will surely prescribe some eye drops in the post-operative period to prevent infection. However, if you feel excessive pain or discomfort in the operated eye, report to your surgeon immediately.