Fitness, in general, should be a part of everybody’s lifestyle. However, during pregnancy, it becomes even more important to stay fit and active. A healthy and fit mommy is expected to deliver a healthy baby and hassle-free delivery.

Rigorous activities are not what you are expected to do. We at Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic recommend basic exercises with a well-balanced diet (as recommended in my previous article) for you to remain healthy throughout your pregnancy.

You may start with the basic warm-up and stretching exercises of neck and back to relax your muscles. Simple deep-breathing exercises will help you keep calm and ensure good oxygen supply to your muscles. After the warm-up session, you may take a brisk walk for 30 minutes either indoor or outdoor.

Avoid any heavy or rigorous exercise which will strain your body, workout during a hot and humid environment and bending & twisting, especially while picking up something from the floor.

In most cases, you can exercise regularly throughout pregnancy. However, please consult with your obstetrician and gynecologist in case of any medical condition. Wish you a healthy and active pregnancy.