Ever thought that your defecating position could make you suffer from constipation or piles?

If not, read this:

Defecation/evacuation of faeces is a part of daily routine of living beings. This also flushes out the unwanted food particles, toxins out of the body. One time defecation or one-shot defecation has always been an aim of every individual for a good day start. Westernization of the lifestyle has impacted certainly on the Indian society especially on the metropolitan cities. This also includes the position adopted for defecating. The western toilet in the recent days has been a trend of the fast life. But it may cause many untoward health effects mainly on the gut.

The human body is designed to evacuate faeces in squatting position. By squatting the knees are closer to the trunk. This position relaxes and straightens the rectum. Thus one shot defecation is achieved. Squatting relaxes the puborectalis muscle thus clearing the faeces. As per Ayurveda and Yoga, this position is ideal for defecation. Squatting position/Indian toilet position maximizes the efficiency of elimination/defecation. Thus chances of constipation and piles are reduced.

Sitting on a western toilet for defecation actually hinders elimination by narrowing the ano rectum. In the long run, this may increase the risk of constipation resulting in excessive straining leading to piles, anal fissure and other anorectal disorders. Clinically and statistically it is seen that most of the people who use the western toilet are more prone to suffer from digestive and anorectal problems even with a good diet.

Thus squatting position not only helps in preventing piles but also acts as a supportive healthy lifestyle in treating the piles. It holds good for the postoperative piles' patients too. Indo western toilet can be an alternative system but squatting is the better one.