Weddings are all around. And at this time, the most asked question is 'How not to gain weight during wedding season'? To answer this, let us quickly look into the reasons for weight gain during weddings: 

* Easy access to high calorie food (waded in oil, cream, butter and lots of refined and simple carbohydrates). 

* Hectic schedules followed by eating whatever is easily available which is mostly unhealthy. 

* Free flowing alcohol which slows metabolic rate and because of the high calorie and sugar content, promotes fat storage. 

* High sodium content and artificial food (with lots of preservatives and artificial colours added to them) that promote water retention resulting in more bloating.

 * Lastly, improper sleep pattern leading to activation of hunger hormones. 

So, to control extra fat to our system, be choosy rather than trying a bite of everything. Scan the party buffet. If there are eight items that appeal, shortlist to five and then finally select three winners that will make it to the plate and stomach. Never forget portion control. Fill stomach only to 80%, not 100%. Have a heavy snack before heading to the wedding so as to avoiding snacking on the deep fried, calorie loaded wedding snacks. Before setting to the venue, take seasonal fruits / one bowl vegetable raita / salad like carrots or cucumber. When options in starters are tikka (paneer or chicken), baby corn, mushroom, dhoklas, idlis, choose any two options. Options in main course are missi roti with mix vegetable and raita. Non-vegetarians can have roasted / tandoori or grilled chicken or fish and salad with vegetables. Try to skip the desserts. If you really want some, have squeezed rasgulla, fruit custard after 30 minutes of main meal. 

After the party, have warm water or green tea or ajwain water. Most importantly after attending a party, never check your weight the next day. Have lemon water / ginger water in the morning. Take lots of fresh fruits and salad. Have sprouts, pulses, or any protein in lunch with curd. Have vegetables and salad for dinner time. Try to consume plenty of water. 

Catch up on sleep. A good sleep helps balance hormones and is the refresh button for the body.