Dental implants that have the ability to graft itself into the bone which mimics the natural tooth as a substitute to loss of natural tooth and root.Only a trained #Implantologist must do the procedure since he is trained in #dental implants.

Dental implants has benefits, some of them are:

  1. Implant acts as an individual support structure for crowns, bridges, and dentures, which reduce the strain and stress on adjacent teeth.
  2. Surrounding teeth damage is also becomes less or nil. So all teeth doesn’t requires to get removed or extracted. One tooth replaced with an implant protects the other teeth.
  3. Jaw bone is also preserved in this process. Very often, bone height tends to reduce gradually once a tooth is extracted. Dental implants prevent height loss and bone loss too.
  4. Dental implants last longer than any other dental procedures and are more effective and reliable than any other tooth replacement procedure. Though Dental implants are expensive than other dental replacement procedures, their durability, longevity is what makes them unique.

Implants provide excellent denture. Reports suggest that people with dental implants or over-dentures, tend to eat, speak and chew better and feels confident about their looks than people with conventional dentures.
For patients who are suffering from chronic teeth or gum problems Dental implants can be extremely beneficial. They are long lasting and also much better than other replacement procedures which are not reliable and doesn’t last long.