Cancer is said to be "bad news". In fact it is life altering. Is there a way that this "bad news" can be dealt with somehow and the impact can be softened?

COUNSELLING is an answer.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it can be quite difficult to understand their standpoint for the family. The family also has its own share of emotional and financial issues to deal with. We try to identify and honour the feelings of the patients. Sometimes cancer treatment can affect their mood, memory and other parts of mental health

  • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING:  Patients are known to feel much better after these sessions. It helps in venting, exploration and overcoming issues like denial, anger and others.
  • FAMILY COUNSELLING: It is as important for the family to be counselled on how to deal with the patient. Family needs to play a pivotal role.
  • GROUP THERAPY:  One of the most promising ways to overcome the grief. Imagine the term "sailing in the same boat". Group therapy has known to help patients facing depression due to cancer.
  • LIFESTYLE : Always important. To continue working towards a healthy life.

Few cases need a combination of medication and counselling. The medication helps restore the neurochemical imbalance causing the depression, sleep issues, personality changes and memory.