We all have been taught that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. A person is advised to have a heavy breakfast to start the day as the body is able to use all the energy from the food throughout the day. But due to the fast pace metro life, people often tend to skip their first meal of the day as they think it is not very important. But that is where a person goes wrong. While this is a popular notion that skipping meals can help lose weight, it actually has many harmful side effects.

Take a look:

  • It is said that if a person skips their breakfast they are prone to heart attacks by 27 percent that a person who has breakfast every day. To avoid any heart-related diseases, one must always have a healthy breakfast. Skipping the first meal of the day leads to the development of hypertension that further leads to obstruction of arteries. Chances of stroke also increase.
  • Skipping breakfast won’t help lose weight but reverse it. Breakfast makes you feel full for a long time so that a person does not eat in excess during the day. The need for carbs and protein, which aid weight gain, is also reduced if a person eats a healthy breakfast every day.
  • With every missed breakfast, a person’s hair also loses its quality. Yes, skipping breakfast can lead to hair thinning and one may start losing the lustrous, thick looking hair. To avoid that, one must have a protein filled breakfast every morning. Eggs, spinach, broccoli, cottage cheese are a good breakfast option.
  • A person’s metabolism slows down if they skip breakfast. This happens because the body starts collecting calories for you to use throughout the day. It even uses the glucose stored in muscles for energy making a person feel weak.
  • The levels of stress hormones can be regulated by breakfast. The levels of stress hormones called cortisol are highest in the morning and having breakfast helps bring the levels down to normal. Skipping meals leads to a person feel anxious or jittery.

You may consult a nutritionist/ dietician for a more elaborate diet plan for your breakfast.