10 minutes of skipping rope can provide the same calorie burn as 30 minutes of running!

And you thought skipping rope is only for little girls? Guess what, you got that wrong. Professional boxers and other athletes skip rope, because its a phenomenal calorie burning workout.

It takes practice to jump rope- keep your weight on the balls of your feet, knees slightly bent and don't jump to high.. maybe, an inch. Keep your body straight, look in front and keep your arms close to your body. Try to land softly, so you reduce the impact on your joints.

When you start, aim for 5 sets of 12 repetitions, so you hit a total of 60 repetitions. Work your way upto 10 sets. As you get better, go up to 5-10 minutes of continuous jumping rope.

So, guess what .. its time you asked your 5 year old niece to teach you how to skip rope. One more thing- buy your own jump rope. Its a great investment for your health.