Definition:  asexuality preference partners of own gender.Homosexuality can be found in nearly every society around the world and has been documented in many ancient throughout history.                                      

 Homosexuality really knows what causes homosexuality. are they just born that way? Or are nature and both involve? there is no firm answer yet. 

Some neuroscience believes that a cluster of neurons of the hypothalamus in the brine is missing in the homosexuals.   Homosexuality every species of mammal, sexual contact between the individual of the same sex are known to occur. Homosexuals contacts occur species of in male and female of infra human mammals e.g.  HOMOSEXUALITY homosexual is a normal person in every respect except for his sexual preference. It is not possible to identity a homosexual appearance. Homosexuals have a normal behavior. 

Homosexuality in females  homosexual are called lesbians. This world effects the homosexual history of people who lived on the isle of lesbians in ancient Greece. Among woman around 2to3 percent of adult woman are thought to be exclusively lesbians.