Ever since homoeopathy came to limelight in 1796 by the master Samuel Hahnemann it has faced many oppositions and many critics. But as a proved science it has reached the common people and served their purpose. Hence won their trust as well as the heart.

Homoeopathic medicines have made billions in sales and are the fastest growing health industry. This has created a big raw among other pharmaceutical giants and they have come forward to criticize the age-old treatment which has stood strong against all the criticisms of the past. Now, this criticism has been flooded in the social media. It's the right time to respond to these criticisms in the same social media.

To all those critics I give an open challenge to come forward and conduct experiments on the good and bad effects of homoeopathic drugs. Homoeopathy is not a mere science, it is not a temporary solution but a permanent answer yet holistic in nature without side effects. Oh, my dear friends, it's not time to criticise rather come front and accept homoeopathy with all its good, not for self-purpose but to serve the mankind which is the ultimate aim of our research and study.

Homoeopathy believes in proving, homoeopathy believes in truth, hence Master Hahnemann who was the first to show the world that drugs should be proved first before applying them in sick bodies and to his utmost surprise some so-called modern critics now asking that homoeopathic drugs require proving.