Piles, otherwise known as hemorrhoids, are the collection of inflamed tissues present in your anal canal. Moreover, they contain the support tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibers, and muscle. It mostly occurs due to chronic constipation and diarrhea, and usually found outside and inside the anus. In addition to this, the size of the pile can be different, which mainly depends on the disease you have been suffering with. Instead of delving into other methods, learn how Homeopathy treatment for Piles is efficient.

Clinical signs and symptoms  

  • The area around the anus become sore, itchy and red.
  • Continuous pain during the passing of stool.
  • Hard and lumpy structure outside theanus, which contains coagulated blood.
  • Bright colored red blood visible after your bowel movement.
  •  Infection.
  •  Excessive bleeding.
  • Anal fistula.
  • Irritation of skin near the anus.

A proper homeopathy treatment not only manages the symptoms but also offers a long term relief and cure to the ailment. Besides the treatment, it is highly required to improve your lifestyle and food habits which are the primary cause of development of piles. If you are regularly eating junk and processed foods that initiate the constipation and acidity problem, it ultimately end up with piles. Especially in the corporate sector or IT sectors the workload is so high they don’t get time to get up from their chair and in addition with of taking the foods like cold coffee or pizza or burger like fast foods adds the fuel to fire. Our lifestyle is changing as the time is changing. The competition level is rising day by day.