We can treat food poisoning from various ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen and are economical also.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar of ACV as it is commonly called is a vinegar made from apples. It has many health benefits, most important of them being to cure food poisoning. It is one of the best treatment to cure food poisoning due to its alkaline effect.

Method Of Consumption:

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of ACV in a cup of hot water. Consume the prepared drink before eating your meal. If the problem persists, consume 2-3 teaspoons of undiluted ACV for better results.


Ginger plays an important role in reducing the symptoms of food poisoning.

Method Of Consumption

It is recommended to boil a cup of water with one spoon of grated ginger in it. Add honey or sugar according to taste. Alternatively, you can consume pieces of ginger directly. You are advised to consume them twice a day till the problem persists.

Yoghurt And Fenugreek Seeds:

This a very cheap, effective and convenient methods to cure food poisoning.

Methods Of Consumption

Just consume one teaspoon each of yoghurt and fenugreek seeds. It is advised to just swallow the seeds and not chew them.


Lemon is considered as the “king of remedies” as far as food poisoning is concerned.

Methods Of Consumption

Just mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with sugar and consume directly. You can dilute it with lukewarm water.


Bananas are a good remedy to cure food poisoning as they are very light and easy to digest.

Methods Of Consumption

Consume at least one ripe banana per day or you can have the banana shake.


Garlic is famous for its antipyretic and cardiac properties. But it is an effective digestive agent also.

Methods Of Consumption

Swallow one clove of garlic daily with a glass of water. You can consume garlic juice also if you cannot stand the smell of garlic. Otherwise, prepare a mixture of garlic and soybean oil and massage it on your stomach after dinner.


Owing to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, honey is one of the most effective food poisoning remedies.

Methods Of Consumption

Eat a teaspoon of honey in its pure form three times a day. Else, you can have it with tea or lemonade.


As the proverb says “AN APPLE A DAY, KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”, apple plays an important role in curing food poisoning. Apple considerably reduces reflux and heartburns. It prohibits the formation of bacteria that causes stomach ache and diarrhoea.

Cold Milk:

It is recommended to have a glass of ice cold milk to cure the upset stomach. You can add any flavour for taste, but for instant relief, it is recommended to consume plain cold milk.

Re-Hydration Mixture:

Food poisoning is often accompanied by de-hydration which extracts out essential fluids and salts from our body. The remedy for this will be Lime Water.

Method Of Consumption

In a litre of water, mix 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice along with sugar and salt according to taste. Drink it on a daily basis to prevent dehydration.


In summers, water is the universal healer. Drink plenty of water especially during food-poisoning to effectively flush out all the toxins and bacteria from the body.

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds or ‘zeera’ in Hindi is a very popular home remedy for the treatment of food poisoning.

Method Of Consumption

In a cup of water, boil cumin seeds and add freshly extracted coriander juice and consume it twice a day. Else, you can have a mixture of salt, cumin seeds and asafetida. Consume this drink 2-3 times a day.


Basil or Tulsi leaves are the best herbs against food poisoning.

Method Of Consumption

Extract a glass full of basil juice from a few leaves. Add honey for taste and drink it several times a day.

  • Alternatively, add a few drops of basil oil in water and consume.
  • Else, mix three plain tablespoons of plain yoghurt, add a pinch of black pepper, basil leaves and sea salt. Consume several times a day till the symptoms subside.


Eat anything that contains peppermint or menthol, like hard candies and chewing gum and consumes it for the cure against food poisoning.

Method Of Consumption

Else take a handful of mint leaves, strain it in boiling water and consume three times a day.

Basil And Cardamom:

Since the time of sages and Ayurveda, basil has been frequently used due to its medicinal properties. It is also being worshipped in Hindu mythology.

Method Of Consumption

For treatment of food poisoning, eat basil leaves along with cardamom (elaichi).

Herbal Tea:

For cure and revival of ailing digestive system, it is advised to drink the variety of herbal teas such as meadowsweet, green chamomile, comfrey root and liquorice tea.


Coriander leaves are used as taste enhancers in almost every Indian meal. But very few of us might be aware of its medicinal properties. It soothes our stomach against the injury caused due to the stomach infection. It can be consumed fresh or as a powder. Coriander oil is also known to have antibacterial properties.


Cornstarch is used to speed up the healing and recovery process. It can be consumed with a glass of orange or apple juice.

Green Papaya:

The enzymes present in green papaya are known to heal the wounds and ensure effective digestion. To cure food poisoning, it is advised to consume a boiled green papaya to obtain its benefits.


It is a natural herb filled with antibacterial properties that aids in killing the bacteria and virus that causes the food poisoning. It is advised to have extracts of golden seal once a day to prevent food poisoning.After explaining a number of remedies, here is a list of DO’S and DON’T’S which you are advised to follow during food poisoning


  • If diarrhoea and vomiting persist for more than a day, sip an oral rehydrating solution. 
  • Drink liquids slowly.
  • Clean your hands properly with an antiseptic soap before eating or cooking.
  • Maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen. 
  • Keep unpreserved food items in a deep freezer. 
  • Cook all types of meat like chicken, meat, pork thoroughly to kill all the possible bacteria in it.
  • Get proper rest for a speedy recovery.


  • Don’t eat solid foods, try to eat semi-solids and liquids. It will reduce pressure on the digestive system and aid the speedy recovery. 
  • Avoid street foods and foods from an unhygienic place.
  • Avoid fried, greasy, spicy and excessively sweet meals.
  • Avoid nicotine, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol during the course of recovery.
  • Avoid smoking.

So, this was a detailed account of what you are supposed to do to protect yourself from food poisoning this season. Stay hydrated, wear light clothes and always carry a water bottle whenever you go out.