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Home Remedies to Cure Food Poisoning

Dr. M.T. Arif, Ayurveda
We can treat food poisoning from various ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen and are economical also.Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar of ACV as it is commonly called is a vinegar made from apples. It has many health benefits, most important of them being to cure food poisoning. It is one of the best treatment to cure food poisoning due to its alkaline effect.Method Of Consumption:Mix 2-3 teaspoons of ACV in a cup of hot water. Consume the prepared drink before eating your meal. If the problem persists, consume 2-3 teaspoons of undiluted ACV for better results.Ginger:Ginger plays an important role in reducing the symptoms of food poisoning.Method Of ConsumptionIt is recommended to boil a cup of water with one spoon of grated ginger in it. Add honey or sugar according to taste. Alternatively, you can consume pieces of ginger directly. You are advised to consume them twice a day till the problem persists.Yoghurt And Fenugreek Seeds:This a very cheap, effective and convenient methods to cure food poisoning.Methods Of ConsumptionJust consume one teaspoon each of yoghurt and fenugreek seeds. It is advised to just swallow the seeds and not chew them.Lemon:Lemon is considered as the “king of remedies” as far as food poisoning is concerned.Methods Of ConsumptionJust mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with sugar and consume directly. You can dilute it with lukewarm water.Bananas:Bananas are a good remedy to cure food poisoning as they are very light and easy to digest.Methods Of ConsumptionConsume at least one ripe banana per day or you can have the banana shake.Garlic:Garlic is famous for its antipyretic and cardiac properties. But it is an effective digestive agent also.Methods Of ConsumptionSwallow one clove of garlic daily with a glass of water. You can consume garlic juice also if you cannot stand the smell of garlic. Otherwise, prepare a mixture of garlic and soybean oil and massage it on your stomach after dinner.Honey:Owing to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, honey is one of the most effective food poisoning remedies.Methods Of ConsumptionEat a teaspoon of honey in its pure form three times a day. Else, you can have it with tea or lemonade.Apples:As the proverb says “AN APPLE A DAY, KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”, apple plays an important role in curing food poisoning. Apple considerably reduces reflux and heartburns. It prohibits the formation of bacteria that causes stomach ache and diarrhoea.Cold Milk:It is recommended to have a glass of ice cold milk to cure the upset stomach. You can add any flavour for taste, but for instant relief, it is recommended to consume plain cold milk.Re-Hydration Mixture:Food poisoning is often accompanied by de-hydration which extracts out essential fluids and salts from our body. The remedy for this will be Lime Water.Method Of ConsumptionIn a litre of water, mix 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice along with sugar and salt according to taste. Drink it on a daily basis to prevent dehydration.Water:In summers, water is the universal healer. Drink plenty of water especially during food-poisoning to effectively flush out all the toxins and bacteria from the body.Cumin Seeds:Cumin seeds or ‘zeera’ in Hindi is a very popular home remedy for the treatment of food poisoning.Method Of ConsumptionIn a cup of water, boil cumin seeds and add freshly extracted coriander juice and consume it twice a day. Else, you can have a mixture of salt, cumin seeds and asafetida. Consume this drink 2-3 times a day.Basil:Basil or Tulsi leaves are the best herbs against food poisoning.Method Of ConsumptionExtract a glass full of basil juice from a few leaves. Add honey for taste and drink it several times a day.Alternatively, add a few drops of basil oil in water and consume.Else, mix three plain tablespoons of plain yoghurt, add a pinch of black pepper, basil leaves and sea salt. Consume several times a day till the symptoms subside.Peppermint:Eat anything that contains peppermint or menthol, like hard candies and chewing gum and consumes it for the cure against food poisoning.Method Of ConsumptionElse take a handful of mint leaves, strain it in boiling water and consume three times a day.Basil And Cardamom:Since the time of sages and Ayurveda, basil has been frequently used due to its medicinal properties. It is also being worshipped in Hindu mythology.Method Of ConsumptionFor treatment of food poisoning, eat basil leaves along with cardamom (elaichi).Herbal Tea:For cure and revival of ailing digestive system, it is advised to drink the variety of herbal teas such as meadowsweet, green chamomile, comfrey root and liquorice tea.Coriander:Coriander leaves are used as taste enhancers in almost every Indian meal. But very few of us might be aware of its medicinal properties. It soothes our stomach against the injury caused due to the stomach infection. It can be consumed fresh or as a powder. Coriander oil is also known to have antibacterial properties.Cornstarch:Cornstarch is used to speed up the healing and recovery process. It can be consumed with a glass of orange or apple juice.Green Papaya:The enzymes present in green papaya are known to heal the wounds and ensure effective digestion. To cure food poisoning, it is advised to consume a boiled green papaya to obtain its benefits.Goldenseal:It is a natural herb filled with antibacterial properties that aids in killing the bacteria and virus that causes the food poisoning. It is advised to have extracts of golden seal once a day to prevent food poisoning.After explaining a number of remedies, here is a list of DO’S and DON’T’S which you are advised to follow during food poisoningDO’SIf diarrhoea and vomiting persist for more than a day, sip an oral rehydrating solution. Drink liquids slowly.Clean your hands properly with an antiseptic soap before eating or cooking.Maintain proper hygiene in the kitchen. Keep unpreserved food items in a deep freezer. Cook all types of meat like chicken, meat, pork thoroughly to kill all the possible bacteria in it.Get proper rest for a speedy recovery.DON’TS                     Don’t eat solid foods, try to eat semi-solids and liquids. It will reduce pressure on the digestive system and aid the speedy recovery. Avoid street foods and foods from an unhygienic place.Avoid fried, greasy, spicy and excessively sweet meals.Avoid nicotine, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol during the course of recovery.Avoid smoking.So, this was a detailed account of what you are supposed to do to protect yourself from food poisoning this season. Stay hydrated, wear light clothes and always carry a water bottle whenever you go out.

Depression - a Slow Poison

Dr. Naresh Vadlamani, Psychiatrist
Throughout the course of our lives, we all experience episodes of unhappiness, sadness, or grief precipitated by unexpected events like failure in exams, rejection by loved one, death of a close one, personal tragedy or difficulty such as divorce, loss of a job, etc and may feel depressed (some people call this "the blues"). Most of us are able to cope with these and other types of stressful events. Over a period of days or weeks, majority of us are able to return to our normal activities. This is called Normal Reactive Depression.Normal Reactive Depression is different from Medical Depressive Illness.Normal Reactive Depression requires no treatment. Just assurances, supportive empathy and encouragement would be useful. It does not affect day to day activities and routine life. People bounce back within a few days.Medical Depressive Illness is not a normal variation of mood. The symptoms of this disease last for weeks and months and the person suffers a lot affecting their regular pattern of living.It is the illness in the brian's nerve circuits that affects or changes our thoughts, moods, behavior, activity, attitude, habits and personality from what we normally are. Some neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Dopamine are less in quantity in some parts of the brain leading to dysfunction of the brain's neural circuits. If one has depressive disease, they are often unable to perform daily activities as before. They may not care enough to get out of bed or get dressed, much less work, do errands, or socialize. During this phase, the depressive illness fluctuates with few normal days of functioning and mood. One may feel better on few days of the week but then the depressive symptoms prevail on most days and gradually the number of days of depressive illness increases. When one meets their doctor, they usually complain of:Headache, back pain, body pains and pains in other parts of the body especially hands and legs.Weakness despite eating well especially in the hands and legs.Tiredness despite doing regular work.Sleep disturbances - difficulty in falling asleep or dissatisfaction in sleep.Decreased appetite.Gastric problems like acidity, constipation and bowel problemsOther psychological symptoms include:Feeling sad or depressed.Loss of interest in job - leading to decreased efficiency,changing jobs and in some job loss; loss of interest in housework - leading to unclean, unkempt house, delays in washing clothes and dishes and cooking food; loss of interest in day to day activities like brushing teeth, bathing, wearing non-ironed clothes and lacking interest in appearance.Feeling tired most of the time despite doing regular or less than regular work leading to postponement of regular work, delayed bill payments and procrastination.Lack of enjoyment or pleasure in activities than before leading to dropping of hobbies, avoiding socialization, going out or watching movies.Feeling lazy, lethargic and being slow leading to postponement of work.Decreased concentration leading to memory problems and forgetfulness leading to poor academic performance or accidents.Decreased confidence, self esteem, self worthiness or feeling inferior to others.Become indecisive, fickle-minded, dependant, unable to organize, plan etc.Thoughts that other people are bad, thinking bad about themselves or ignoring them and will not help them.Thoughts of worthlessness, being a burden to family members, unworthy of love of near and dear ones.Thoughts that the world is a bad place, full of negativity etc.Thoughts of guilt, self hate and frustration.Thoughts that current situation will not improve in future, hopelessness, helplessness and thoughts of being alone in the whole world.Decreased initiation, motivation or enthusiasm than before.More irritability, anger, explosive behavior than before.Sleep disturbances like difficulty in falling asleep leading to internet surfing or watching TV ( channel surfing), waking up early or late, wanting to sleep more and feeling dissatisfied with the sleep.Appetite disturbances( change in eating habits) - not interested in eating or eating more than usual or even late night snackingAll these thoughts lead to sleep medication abuse, alcohol misuse, headaches/backaches (unexplained/no clear medical cause) and pain killer abuse, antacid abuse etc.Ideas, thoughts, plans of wishing to die, suicide harming oneself, suicidal attempts in severe patients.Treatment includes medicines and counseling or psychotherapy including other treatments like Cognitive behavior therapy, supportive therapy.MEDICATIONSAntidepressants are generally prescribed.Treatment is provided by psychiatrists who are medical doctors who have completed specialized training in depressive disorders and treatments.Antidepressant medications are not sleeping pills or addictive in nature.They have to be taken initially at a small dose with gradual increases in doses under supervision of a psychiatrist for about 6 - 9 months on the dose to which they respond.In those who have been suffering from the depressive disease for a long time or repeatedly, the medication have to taken for at least 2 years or longer as advised by the psychiatrist.People with depressive disease can safely be treated in a series of outpatient visits.Hospital care may be necessary for people with more serious symptoms and is required for those who are contemplating suicide or cannot care for themselves.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out in Clumps? Could I Have Arsenic Poisoning?

Dr. Manik Hiranandani
Arsenic has been made famous by Agatha Christie, who often described arsenic poisoning in her murder mysteries. Arsenic is a highly toxic substance, used in many industrial applications including insecticides and wood preservative, Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, which is often present in our most precious resource: drinking water. Drinking water contamination, is often caused by fertilizers which are acidic in nature. The acid leaches into the soil releasing arsenic which is present in the soil contaminating it. 120 million people who live in Eastern UP, Bihar and Bengal in India suffer from arsenic poisoning. This is the biggest health problem facing India which is barely acknowledged or tackled.When arsenic-laced water is applied to food crops like apple trees, or rice, dangerous levels of arsenic make their way into the food supply. A University of Washington analysis showed levels of arsenic in apple juice, which exceeded the safe drinking water exposure limits by more than 30%. In addition, concentrated forms of arsenic-laced food, such as brown rice syrup, can contain toxic levels of arsenic five times greater than the levels deemed safe by the EPA for drinking water. While all types of rice contain some arsenic, organic brown rice has been found to contain the lowest levels. Arsenic can also be absorbed through the skin, but ingestion is the most common method of exposure.

Dangers of Processed Food

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
It is very easy to grab a packet of chips, biscuits just to suppress your hunger for a particular period of time. But once you understand that how these processed foods are made then it becomes easier to select the healthier options instead of going for processed foods on daily basis. Following are the reasons which are going to reflect why one should not include processed foods on the daily basis.1. Processed foods ruin digestionBecause all the nutrients, vitamins are completely stripped of the food product once it gets into processing steps. It actually weakens our digestive system and allows harmful bacteria to enter in our body. One should always make healthier options before choosing any of the processed foods.2. Processed foods triggers health problemsProcessed foods contain various preservatives, additives so that a product shelf life won’t effect. But these additives which contain specifically phosphates can affect our kidneys and also weaken our bones as per one of the researches. And some of the studies also showed that refined sugars, processed flours, vegetable oils and many other ingredients commonly found in processed foods are largely responsible for the chronic inflammation problems in body.3. Processed Foods contain pesticidesIn order to work more for genetically modified foods, the farmers have to apply pesticides which can end up into final product so in this way processed foods have high chances of having pesticides in comparison with fresh food groups.4. Processed foods can be addictive and lead to weight gainProcessed foods tend to over stimulate the production of dopamine, also known as the "pleasure" neurotransmitter, which makes you crave them constantly. So, your body tempts to eat much more than the normal intake which in time make the person addictive as well as it add unnecessary fat in the body.

6 Reasons Why Street Food Is Unhealthier Than You Thought?

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
You've heard about how deep fried foods aren't good for health because of the high calorie content, and not being heart healthy! Turns out, they are actually worse for your health, than you thought they were! See the 6 reasonsWe told you if which chaat is healthiest. Most popular street foods are fried at some point: aloo tikki – kachori- aloo filled samosas - chole bhature – pav bhaji. Most of these are fried (which facilitates quick preparation), high in fat and sodium, and low in fiber, vitamins & minerals. Let’s show you how these foods are unhealthier than you thought:Trans: These food are deep fried in oil which is used repeatedly for frying, often over a period of days. There are 2 problems with this. First, its fried in oil which naturally has high saturated fat, since its cheaper. Then, the oil is heated for days (as mentioned earlier). This process of heating oil for a long really increases the trans-fatty acid content in the food. In countries like the US, foods with trans fatty acids are banned, because these trans fatty acids basically enter your blood stream. Since the body cannot process them, they clog your arteries, which can even lead to cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many chronic diseases.Read to know more about trans fats and how to avoid it.Calorie Density: You already know this, but just to make a point, the Nutrition and Food Science Journal reported that Indian snacks are very energy-dense (148-603kcal/100g) and trans-fat varies from 0.1 to 19.8g/100g.Cancer: These street foods are fried at high temperatures, for quick frying, to produce large quantities. Repeated use of oil for deep frying, makes it go past their smoke points, which contain a large quantity of free radicals which contributing  to risk of cancer. In order to end multiplication of free radicals. Read more on Antioxidant rich foods.Glucose spiking: Almost all the street foods have their main ingredient as maida. It has a high glycemic index, so it spikes your blood sugar, and promotes fat storage, besides increasing your risk of diabetes & heart disease.Sodium Load: To increase shelf life, and flavour, street foods loaded with salt (one chicken burger or one small french fries pack can contain more than 1000 milligrams of sodium). This high consumption of salt can lead to hypertension and even predispose to water retention.Get know tips to reduce water weight.Microbial Count: Last but not the least, the unhygienic handling of street foods , use of unsafe water and exposure to street pollution, are just few of the things that increases the number of  bacteria in the plate.So, be aware the next time you dig into street food!

6 Not So Healthy Foods

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
If you look out for healthy snacks in the grocery store, you need to read this to know which healthy snacks are really healthy, and which are not.Unfortunately some of the not so healthy products are being commercially sold to people  as “Healthy/Diet Foods”. Here are a few examples that will tell you how and why they are not so healthy:Diet:Snacks (Namkeens): The original snacks foods (namkeens) have been forced to share the shelf space with the "diet namkeens" that are baked or roasted as opposed to being fried. Now, is the cooking method sufficient enough to transform them from being unhealthy to being healthy? Not exactly! Let's show you how - what has been conveniently overlooked is the ingredients that make these healthy namkeens that still remain unchanged. These namkeens might still be high in sodium, sugar, oil & other ingredients like unhealthy flour, and are only relatively healthier than the original namkeens.Granola Bar: Granola bars are being promoted as a quick energy snack. Most of the granola bar varieties being sold commercially are full of sugar, corn syrup, and saturated fat. In reality these bars are almost equivalent to the cookies in their health contentEnergy Drinks: Popularity of energy drinks has been mostly contributed by sportsmen/women and athletes endorsing it as an instant energy source. However keep in mind that the people endorsing these need quick resources of energy to keep them going. This is not always applicable source is not applicable to the average person with a sedentary or a mildly active lifestyle, which in comparison are not as physically demanding as playing a sport! These energy drinks are high on sugar content, which as you know .. excess sugar in the body promotes fat storage.Low Fat Salad Dressing: Summers are approaching and salads will be the most popular meal option once again.  With the increasing health awareness “low-fat” has found its way to the salad dressings arranged on the shelves of the grocery stores. While these new low fat salad dressings offer a reduced amount of fat, the taste is often salvaged by adding sugar. If you want low-fat salad dressing you can create them at home with simple ingredients like lime juice, olive oil, vinegar & home-made yogurt.Fruit juices: Most packaged fruit juice is not 100% fruit juice. Packaged fruit juices use added sugar and sweeteners to enhance the taste. Besides this, the main fiber of the natural fruit pulp is missing from the packaged fruit juices. If you are feeling thirsty hydrate yourself with plain water. As for nutrition there is no substitute for fruits in their natural form.Diet Sodas: There are multiple studies around this, to know if diet soda is bad for your health.Also studies have shown, people consume higher portions of 'healthy snacks'. While the calorie density might not be much lower, people might actually land up consuming more calories than when snacking on the 'original snacks'.

The Food Pyramid - Explained

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
Food pyramid is the basic guide which helps us plan a healthy diet according to our body’s requirement. There are a variety of choices which are highlighted by food groups mentioned in a pyramid shape. Individuals should eat different foods from each food group to ensure they obtain all the nutrients their body needs in appropriate proportions. There are several food pyramid plans recommended by health professionals today. The most widely known food pyramid was introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the year 1992, was updated in 2005, and then replaced in 2011.In 1992, food pyramid became the most useful and influential guide in history. It  was considered as a total dietary approach for nutrient adequacy and moderation in order to bring awareness to the new food patterns. This was widely adopted as an icon and used by various nutritionists, Dietitians and many other medical professionals related to this field. The Food pyramid includes all the major food groups with the correct frequency and amounts that one should have for a healthy and fit body.It was updated in 2005 with colorful vertical wedges replacing the horizontal sections and renamed My Pyramid. My Pyramid was often displayed with the food images absent, creating a more abstract design. In an effort to restructure food nutrition guidelines, the USDA rolled out its new My Plate program in June 2011.Apart from USDA there are over 25 other countries and organizations who have also published food pyramids. Out of this one is Asian food pyramid. This Pyramid is based on a generalized summary of the traditional healthy diets of Asian populations, in the light of current nutrition research. The basic premises of the Asian Diet Pyramid, have received strong international support from leading nutrition scientists and medical specialists as useful alternatives to the 1992 U.S. Food Guide Pyramid. For example, the Food Guide Pyramid lumps some animal and plant foods together in a single group, while the Asian Food Pyramid carefully distinguish between plant and animal foods. The main constitution of the Asian Food Pyramid is of Plant based food, with moderate amounts of animal products. It has a wide variety of healthy foods listed in 8 mini pyramids or levels [as illustrated in the picture].The Asian Diet Pyramid emphasizes -On daily servings of whole grain and minimally processed foods, topped by another large band of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.Optional daily servings of dairy products (low fat), Sea-foodWeekly Servings of Sweets, eggs and poultry are recommendedMonthly Servings of red meat or PorkDaily physical exercise, a small amount of vegetable oil and a moderate consumption of plant-based beverages are also recommended according to the pyramid6 glasses of water to ensure good healthModerate intake of gin/beer/wineAccording to Campbell, Cornell professor of nutritional biochemistry, co-chairperson of the conference and director of the Cornell-China-Oxford Project-“The Asian diet, which is significantly lower in total fat, may prove to be an even more healthful diet.”Every day, we all need to make good choices regarding the foods we eat and the amount of activity we do.  If you are willful to make changes in your lifestyle to achieve better health of body & mind, then the food Pyramid is the right scientific approach to begin with. As this model is based on years of research, it is certainly promising for every individual.

5 Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms

Ms. Jasleen Chawla, Dietitian/Nutritionist
Super foods and their several health benefits are dominating the health markets today, but our edible mushrooms have been left in the wild. People are quite indecisive about this naturally growing fungii-they either love them or hate them. Mushrooms impart a fifth taste sense called umami, which is savory. It is a fact that mushroom is no short of a super food with it’s miraculous, beneficial powers.It is a common phenomenon that if a food lacks color, it also, in turn, lacks necessary nutrients. However, mushrooms, which are commonly white, prove quite the contrary.Listed below are top 5 reasons why we should include mushrooms more regularly in our everyday cooking:Boosts immunity-Selenium present in mushrooms is a powerful anti-oxidant and has been found to improve the body’s immune response to infections, thus aiding to keep any kind of infections at bay. Mushrooms are the best way for vegetarians to obtain the necessary amount of selenium.Helps battle anemia-Mushrooms are a good source of iron and most importantly over 90% of this nutritive iron value can be absorbed by the body. Iron deficiency anemia is extremely common with characteristics like chronic fatigue, headache, reduced neural function, etc. Thus, consuming mushrooms helps prevent these symptoms.For a healthy heart-Mushrooms provide lean proteins as it contains no fat and cholesterol and is low in carbohydrates too. Thus, it will not cause any clogging of arteries which eventually leads to heart disease and heart attack.Bone health-Mushrooms also contain Vitamin D which is a relatively rare vitamin to find in foods and that too, in the bioavailable form. Vitamin D can facilitate the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous (which are also present in mushrooms) so the combined effects of having all of these nutrients in one powerful food source makes it a food you shouldn’t be neglecting.Helps control body weight-We all know that dietary fiber plays a big role in weight management and mushrooms contain 2 important types of dietary fibers-beta glucans and chitin. These make you feel full and thereby decrease your overall calorie intake by slowing down your appetite.

Is Raw Food Diet Healthy?

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
People are constantly experimenting with food to lose weight. Some eat maple syrup all day while some eat raw or uncooked foods to get that size zero. Most fad diets are unhealthy. But sometimes even the more healthy seeming diets like the raw food diet may not be totally healthy. Let us tell you why eating raw food can or cannot be all that good for you.Raw diet consists mainly of uncooked, unprocessed plant foods. Raw food is low in calorie and usually sourced naturally. Eating a raw diet full of fruits and vegetables has its advantages of getting plenty of vitamins and minerals but there are a lot of missing nutrients in this diet that can lead to severe deficiencies.Vitamin B12 is the most common deficiency found in people that eat this diet. This nutrient is naturally available in animal sources and is critical to nerve and red blood cell development. Deficiencies can lead to anemia and neurological impairment.This diet doesn't have enough protein. According to ICMR minimum of 20-25% of adults daily calories should come from protein. Protein is a major component of all cells, including muscle and bone. It is needed for growth, development and immunity to fight off infections and protect the body.This diet might help you lose weight because how much raw food can you actually eat. Besides unhealthy weight loss it also makes your immune system vulnerable putting you at higher risk of falling sick or catching infection. Raw food diet lacks lycopene, usually found in cooked tomatoes, which are responsible for plasma lycopene levels, which are thought to play a role in disease prevention.Overcooking and heating is known to destroy nutrition in food. But did you know that cooking vegetables and beans actually enhances digestibility and absorption of many beneficial and nutritious compounds in the body? Cooking also helps destroy some of the harmful enzymes that interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the body.Recent studies confirm that the body absorbs much more of the beneficial anti-cancer compounds (carotenoids and phytochemicals - especially lutein and lycopene) from cooked vegetables compared with raw. Scientists speculate that the increase in absorption of antioxidants after cooking may be attributed to the destruction of the cell matrix (connective bands) to which the valuable compounds is bound.Eating raw food is good for health and is an important feature of a healthy diet. But that does not mean that one’s entire diet has to be raw to be in excellent health or lose weight. There are healthier ways to lose weight like eating a balanced diet and exercising. Our body requires all nutrients for optimum health.

Healthy Food Shopping on a Budget

Ms. Swati Kapoor, Dietitian/Nutritionist
Food prices are increasing everyday. Unfortunately, incomes don’t always keep up with it! This should not stop you from eating healthy. Here, we have some great tips for you on how you can eat healthier, and stay within your budget!Avoid Junk FoodTry to maintain a budget diary and note every time you spend money on food. Evaluate how much you spend on soda, cookies, packaged food, eat out lunch and dinner, etc and try to avoid them. It will keep you and your pocket healthy. This will also help you in spending more money on high quality food.Go SeasonalSeasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables that are locally grown, best match the nutrition requirements of people living in the area. The other advantage is that seasonal foods cost less to grow, so you pay the right price for them.  For example; in summers you should go for watermelon, mangoes, plum, berries, etc and in winters you can opt for oranges, peas, apples, turnip, spinach, fenugreek leaves, etc. However, all season fruit and vegetables like papaya, banana, etc can also help you. So, the more you focus on purchasing seasonal food, the healthier and tastier your meals will be and the more money you will save.Go Shopping with Grocery ListEvery time, before going to shopping make a list of everything you are going to purchase and focus on healthy and nutritious food and try to remain stick on it. By this you can avoid purchasing unnecessary foods and can manage your budget.Fresh foods over PackagedPackaged foods may contain high amount of sugar and sodium to act as preservative, but are also expensive. For example, instead of buying packaged orange fruit juices, try to buy whole orange fruit. Always buy fresh over canned or packaged foods. This not only save your money but also give you more nutrition.Be experimentalInstead of spending money on expensive unhealthy desserts, try making healthy desserts at home. For example; you can try homemade oatmeal cookies with less sugar, a piece of dark chocolate, or yogurt with fresh seasonal fruits.Be colorfulNatural colors in food correspond to a variety of nutrition. So, shop for fruits and vegetables of all kinds of colors. For example, use red and yellow pepper in green leafy vegetables or yellow corns and carrot in black beans and lentils. Besides providing you with great nutrition, they also make the food look delicious!Buy in bulk but Cook in PortionsIt sound strange but it is true to keep a healthy eating on a budget you should buy vegetable to grains to meat in a bulk, and store it well. This not only helps you in budget maintenance but also cut down your shopping time, thus, leaving you more time for everything else.If you stick with these healthy eating and food shopping tips, you’ll be healthier and save more money!