It is rightly said that ‘Beauty is Power’. And we; especially the youngsters easily lose this power, this confidence to some of the most common skin problems such as Pimples. That avoiding the party, avoiding dates, giving presentation with low confidence etc are some of the problems we usually face due to that small red mark on face. Let’s try to explore and solve this problem with some real life examples.

  • The easiest and fastest cure for me was ‘Toothpaste’!
    Rahil, a TY student from Gujarat shares his nightmare of having pimple covered face and thus suffering from low self esteem. ‘I stayed in a hostel with a tight study schedule. For me to get any treatment was impossible due to time constraints. That was the time I came across someone who suggested me this most convenient cure of using Toothpaste for pimples.’ One can use any white toothpaste as it contains baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and triclosen that heal pimples. Leave the toothpaste to dry on the skin anywhere from two hours or overnight depending on skin sensitivity. If skin is too sensitive, remove the toothpaste after about 20 minutes. Repeat this about 4 times a week to get effective results.
  • ‘The most natural and economical way for me was Aloe Vera
    For someone like Tanika; who is a housewife from a middle class background, Aloe Vera proved to be a savior for her pimples. ‘I couldn’t afford expensive creams and treatments for my pimples. That was the time I read about the antibacterial properties of aloe vera gel.’ Magnesium lactate present in Aloe treats the marks, scars and rashes. The astringent of aloe removes excess oil and dirt from the skin to prevent pimples.
  • Lemon juice is easiest available thing!
    Citric acid in Lemon juice helps to cure the acne and pimples of the skin. It exfoliates the skin and dries the blemish. One can also mix rose water or honey with the lemon juice in case of over sensitive skin as lemon might cause rashes. Just be careful that it should apply only on the pimple and not on surrounding skin. Overnight application gives good results.
  • The simple Pimple Fighter Ice!
    Ice is one of the best fighters for inflammation. It may temporarily cause redness of skin but it shall shrink the erupted pimple to a great extent. The ice cube should be wrapped in a clean, thin cloth and then applied for about a minute. This shall be repeated twice or thrice a day till the mark reduces.
  • Steam detoxified my skin!’
    Teenager Rahul was a normal child who was an active sportsperson. One very common teenage problem he suffered was pimples. He was treated with steam therapy as his pores of the skin accumulated lot of dirt as children usually don’t apply face wash. This helped him get rid of dirt and bacteria in skin. It is important to apply moisturizer after steam to retain necessary oils of the skin.