Penis size is a common source of anxiety and self-confidence issues. In some extreme cases it might also cause a condition known as SPA (small penis Anxiety) which is a psychological condition that requires help of a mental health professional. Most people who look for penis enlargement have an average penis size which is efficient and adequately sized for sexual activities and urination. However, with a lot of penis augmentation methods and surgeries are now available and more and more men are looking forward to have these surgeries done. Studies have shown that penis augmentation procedures are directly linked to self confidence boost and having a greater sense of oneself. It helps to reduce anxiety problems during intercourse or sexual activities.

Surgical options and their relevance

Urologists highly suggest that these procedures if done only for cosmetic purposes carry great risk of bleeding out or even death. And if survived they can lead to a deformed penis which might have to be removed. But if you still plan to go ahead and get a penis augmentation surgery, then make sure that you consider all the aspects of this surgery. Like any other medical procedure this one also requires proper medical care. Consult a well-established urologist who has performed these surgeries in past and check his success rate. Make sure you really want the procedure to be done as a change of personal nature such as this can cause psychological effects too. Talk to your partner as well, and get your family on board as you will require help after getting this procedure done. Like any other surgery this also has a healing rate and time around which you will need your partner’s and family’s help.

A lot of men have anxiety about their penis size, and this has pushed a huge market for enlargement products and different cosmetic surgeries. However, limited evidence suggests that any of these methods are effective, and almost all of these surgeries or procedure come with great life-treating risks.Anyone concerned about the size of their penis is advised to talk to a doctor or sex therapist.