Have you ever been talking to someone and afterwards realized that your breath might have had that not so fresh feeling or smell?  Worse yet, have you ever been speaking to someone and you actually had to pull away or re-position your head so that you were at least out of direct line for the smell that was coming at you; one that is so bad you are quite certain that something died in there?

Bad breath also known as halitosis effects over 80% of the population

Bad breath is a big issue  which develops due to negligence.  Lets have a look at the causes of bad breath. The problem with most rinses is that they do little do deal with the underlying issue and many even have a ton of chemicals, alcohol and other preservatives; most mouthwashes simply mask the problem.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can do to ensure your breath is not only fresh, but that it also clean!  The first and foremost thing is to get your teeth cleaning/scaling done once in a year from a good dentist.

There are 3 tricks that you can do to make sure that your breath is as fresh as can be.

1. Rinse your mouth, and gargle with lukewarm salt water. Gargling gets to the back of the tongue and the first part of the throat.  Try moving your head around when you gargle to make sure that you get the whole inside of your mouth and most importantly the back of the tongue.  The fats and oils from foods accumulate in the middle and back part of the tongue which is what gets stinky quickest. Mmmmmm, right? Try and rinse for a minute when possible.

2. After you’ve rinsed and gargled, dip your toothbrush in the salt water brush your tongue.  Hint, you pretty much need to gag in order to get as far back as you need to.  Take breaks and build up to getting back to the back of the tongue.  Look at your tongue and make sure it is pink and clean not white and coated.

3. If your regular cleaning is done additionally mouthwashes can also be used to ensure less deposit formation around your teeth. Thus reducing the bad breath and also improving your gums health. Not sure if you need it?  Do the lick and sniff test. Lick the back of your hand and let it dry for 5 seconds. Smell it; fresh and clean, or not so much?

How do I know if I have bad breath?

Not sure if you have good or bad breath?  Here’s one quick way to tell.  Take a spoon, turn it upside down, and use it to scrape the very, very back portion of your tongue (don’t be surprised if you gag).  Now, take a look at the gunk you’ve scrapped off. Is it a white color, or perhaps yellow or brown? Go ahead and take a whiff of it, good or bad, chances are that’s the smell that is coming from your mouth.

These 3 tricks may not be able to control WHAT comes out of your mouth, but at least it can help you control HOW it comes out of your mouth!

If you’re suffering with bad breath, you are definitely not alone. However, you can be a part of the half of the population that has fresh breath on a daily basis by using these tips.

 Get your teeth cleaning done mandatory once in a year from a dentist and before using any mouthwash consult your dentist which one will suit you best.